You Wont Believe the Cost of Louboutin's Latest Nail Polish

Remember when I wrote about the bottle of nail polish that costs $500? While that is an insane amount to pay for nail polish, Christian Louboutin has found a way to top even that amount. Meet the Rouge Louboutin Starlight Limited Edition Nail Polish. The box and bottle contain a total of 1,500 hematite strass crystals that were hand applied. The black lacquered box is embellished with two leather stressed flowers. Upon opening the box, you will find the nail polish bottle resting in a black velvet insert. The color is the iconic shade of red Louboutin used to paint the soles of his first prototypes. Swanky, right? Getting your hands on this polish is a two step process. First you will have to pony up a whopping $675. That’s right, $675. Next, you will have to hope that the polish is available. With only 1,000 available worldwide, Louboutin is setting out to make this item a special feature for it’s must luxurious customers. Call me crazy, but I’d much rather spend $675 to own a classic pair of Louboutin shoes than a small bottle of red nail polish. I’ll let you decide.


Rouge Louboutin Starlight Limited Edition Nail Polish


Rouge Louboutin Starlight Limited Edition Nail Polish-2

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