Women of Style: Victoria of Living Disrobed

I recently came across Victoria’s blog, Living Disrobed, and have been loving it ever since my first time reading it. She primarily write about beauty and skincare, but also shares her thoughts on fashion, home decor and various other subjects. Besides managing her successful blog, she is a mother of four! I asked her a few questions to find about more about her world.



Me: Tell us about your blog and how or why you started it.

Victoria: When I was a little girl, I wouldn’t let my mom dress me. I knew what I “thought” looked good and I was going to do it all by myself. She would find me in the corner of my room applying nail polish to my dolls (poorly of course) It continued from there…when I was 8 yrs old, I asked Santa for new bedroom furniture! My passion for makeup began when my older sister started wearing it. I always looked up to my sister (still do) and I always tried to do things better than her, not in a sibling rivalry way but in hopes that she would think that I had something to offer as well. That maybe I was cool too! I spent countless nights perfecting my techniques. Liquid liners, smokey eyes, and at the time, nudes and natural looks were NOT in! The brighter the better…thank you 80’s! Anyways, my hard work and endurance paid off. I started doing her makeup when she had a big date. She always took my advice when it came to piecing together an outfit. And now as we are both adults, with husbands, kids, jobs and busy lives, she still comes to me for advice when it comes to personal and home style and a part of me still reverts back to that little girl as a big smile grows across my face, I can’t believe that my idol looks to ME for advice now! I have officially made it! I have accomplished my earliest goal…she thinks I’m pretty cool.

Currently my blog primarily focus’ on skincare, makeup and fashion. Whether it be reviews, advice, or simply beautiful things that I feel the need to share. As a mom of four, I have that urge to reach out and help people…that’s what moms do!  As I have always been fascinated with all things beauty it only seemed natural to begin a blog where I could express myself and help others along the way. My blog is still fairly new, but in time, you will see it evolve into much more which will include posts on kids fashion, DIY home décor, and the occasional motherly rant…or rave…depending on what happened that week!


Me: What is your beauty regimen?

Victoria: As far as skincare is concerned, it’s simple really…Cleanse, tone, serum, eye and face moisturizer. My morning products are a bit different than my night ones, but the steps are all the same.In the morning, I cleanse with a soft natural cleansing milk as my face isn’t dirty. I always use moisturizer with SPF. At night, I use a stronger cleanser to get rid of makeup and the daily grime and I double cleanse. I switch up my serum for a Retinol Serum and I use a powerful antioxidant moisturizer. I apply jojoba oil all over my body every time I get out of the shower, followed by a moisturizer. The oil can penetrate much further into the skin so my skin stays hydrated much longer. I apply my foundation right after I moisturize. I find it really helps it to blend beautifully. I wait until it dries until I apply my concealer and powder. This allows for a much more natural look. I apply a darker blush under my cheekbones, and a lighter one from the apples of my cheeks upwards. I always apply a highlighter to give me that brilliant glow. I also double coat my lashes. First with a voluminizing mascara, I let dry until tacky, and follow with a lengthening mascara. And of course, different eye shadow and techniques everyday as I love to try new things and experiment with colors and combinations.


Me: What beauty trend or trends are you loving right now?
Victoria: I am loving all things coral! From makeup to clothing, shoes, even my nail polish is coral! I love how coral makes your skin glow and I find it looks much more natural than pink. I have olive skin so it works great for me. Floral button downs with hints of coral paired with a casual jean and coral flats is super cute for a spring day time look. I am also really into the “feature nail.” There are so many wonderful nail polishes and textures out there right now but sometimes having all ten fingers covered in rhinestones, feathers or fur would be just a tad much. So having a feature nail that showcases your individual style without overdoing it is fabulous!


Me: What do you think the number one beauty mistake people make with their skin?
Victoria: They don’t exfoliate! Exfoliating is such an important step to keep your skin beautiful. Exfoliation reveals and exposes “younger,” fresher skin. The shedding process unclogs pores, keeps skin clean and helps reduce acne breakouts. With all that dead skin out of the way your moisturizers can penetrate much deeper into the skin allowing for it to work at its best. And I’m not just talking about your face either…your body needs to be exfoliated too. Plus, when you exfoliate it exposes hair follicles, allowing for a much smoother shave!


Me: What advice do have on how to balance work and family?
Victoria: Being a full-time working mother is definitely hard work. Balancing work, kids, spouse, activities etc. certainly gets overwhelming at times. You see these super moms out there and wonder how are they doing it all and they seem to have it all together! The truth is, we don’t have it all together. We try our hardest, we put on a brave face for the goodness of our family and we do what needs to be done the best way we know how. I have a few tricks that I use to keep life under control and without them I think the world, my world, would come crashing down.
Firstly, I am extremely organized. This is the single most important thing I do to keep me from running around frantically which in turn would result in a mass breakdown for sure. I keep detailed calendars that I create on the computer. This allows me to edit and re-edit and print and re-print so that the schedule is always clear. It also allows me to print a small version for my purse so that I always have a copy with me.
I do anything I can the night before. Make lunches, lay out clothes, prep breakfast, even wash my hair! Any mom will tell you that mornings are the most hectic. Getting everybody, clean, fed and out the door sometimes seems like an impossible task but somehow someway, we always get through it. So the more you can do to ease that pressure in the morning, the better!
We ALWAYS eat dinner together at the table! I love this time a day, when we are all together. This time allows me to ask all about their day at school, the good, the bad, who kicked who, who is crushing on who etc. Since I’m not the mom that is present at school every day, making time every day to stay current with what’s going on with them is very important.
The oh so important date night! Once a month we get a sitter and head out for a night, just the two of us. With four kids, sometimes our daily discussions are focused solely on schedules, what needs to get done around the house, who’s going to pick up the groceries etc. The fact is, this is life. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. With that said, that one night, when we get all dolled up and enjoy an adult evening of peace and quiet really helps us to remember the love that we share for each other and why we are doing all of this in the first place. Truth is…we usually talk about the kids all night! And as much as we get excited to leave them behind even for a short moment, we miss them and can’t wait to get home  It’s a catch 22 for sure, but I’m sure most parents know exactly what I’m talking about!
Me time. I work full time, and am raising 4 kids. I deserve some time to myself and I’m not afraid to admit it! Free of children, husbands, phone calls and emails. This is where I indulge in a beautiful bath, catch up on my style mags and just relax. We’ve always heard the saying “If moms not happy, nobody is happy!” This is so so true! I’m the family manager, doctor, coach, chef, maid, driver, tutor, the list goes on…so you better hope that I’ve had some time to decompress or I may explode 🙂 Fact! Haha.


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