Winter Body Skincare Routine

Winter Body Skincare Routine

As the weather continues to cool down, it’s not too early to start thinking about changing your body skincare routine. In the winter, skin tends to get more dry due to the cold air. It’s important to moisturize properly to keep you skin soft. You also have to make sure to give extra attention to areas that tend to get more dry such as elbows, knees and feet. The Body Shop is one of my favorite places to get quality body care for an amazing price. Plus, they are always having sales and specials to make the already great prices even harder to resist. Let’s break down what products you’ll need this winter.

Body Wash Shea Show Cream $8

The best way to start a moisturizing winter body care routine is with your body wash. Having a body wash to doesn’t strip your skin of its natural moisture is important. Try the Shea Shower Cream. The consistency of the body wash is more like that of a lotion.


Exfoliate – DIY Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub

Gentle exfoliation once per week can help remove dead cells from the skin. Try the DIY Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub I posted a few weeks ago. In winter I would recommend not to exfoliate more than once per week. You don’t want to dry out your skin by stripping it too much in the winter.

DIY Cinnamon Sugar Scrub

Moisturize – Vitamin E Body Butter $20

After showering, leave skin a little damp before applying the body butter. This will help to provide an even greater level of moisture to the skin. The Body Shop has a wide array of body butters with great scents. I prefer the Vitamin E Body Butter because of the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E and the light scent.

body shop vitamin-e-body-butter_l

Target Area: Hands – Hemp Hand Protector $20

We put our hands through a lot! In the winter I tend to wash and sanitize my hands a bit more to prevent myself from getting sick. The problem? Most soaps and hand sanitizers are very drying. Especially those found in public restrooms. To combat this drying effect, you need a moisturizing product specifically for your hands. My favorite product hands down (Yes, that pun was intended!) is the Hemp Hand Protector. It helps to keep hands moisturized even though washes. To help the product last longer, use just a bit and add more if needed.


Target Area: Feet – Peppermint Foot Rescue $18

During the fall and winter, our feet are cramped up in socks, tights and boots. Plus, walking in wedges or high-heeled boots can put some stress on your feet. What I love about the Peppermint Foot Rescue is the instant cooling sensation it gives to your feet. It keeps feet soft, smells great, and deodorizes! I usually apply this at night and wear socks until time for me to go to bed. I personally can’t wear socks while I sleep, but if that doesn’t both you, you can wear your socks the entire night and wake up with you feet feeling refreshed for the next day.



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Winter Body Skincare Routine

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