What’s Hot For The Guys This Summer?

Buying fashion for a man sounds simple enough, but there are a lot of different styles to choose from at the moment. If you’re about to refresh your man’s summer wardrobe, now is definitely the time to head out there and see what you can find to suit him. If you’re still scratching your head, check out these awesome ideas for a hot summer look in menswear this season:

Trousers – Shorts anywhere but the gym or beach seems to be still a fashion faux pas for guys. It’s a shame because there are some gorgeous knee length Chino or Cargo shorts available at the moment. For trousers in the heat, you can’t go far wrong with linen. Check out navy blues, and paler shades of olive to be bang on trend this season. For smarter evening wear, the trouser cuff is out. The fitted look started a few seasons back as a kind of retro look for boy bands. Nowadays the hottest stars are adorning the catwalk in classy blacks and greys.

Jacket – The jacket is an essential item for defining the style or look you are trying to achieve. It’s all about the collar and length this season. Detail is key, so look for something with trim to the pockets, and garnished buttons. Single button only if you are doing it up, but the open look this summer is going to be hot! Muted colors are still the way to go so pick greys, blacks or a navy shade.

Shirts – Casual menswear is really hotting up this season. More and more retro looks are in the stores, but the American look is really turning heads. Casual shirts in linen and American cotton look and feel so comfortable to wear. You can create a fabulous casual look if you couple them with linen trousers or denim jeans. Accessorize with natural bracelets and necklaces. Finish with a chunky leather watch.

Tees – Tee shirts will always be a favorite for men. Logos, slogans and retro imagery continue to be the design of choice this season. The fit is a little looser than last year, but sleeve cuffs continue to hug the biceps. Wear with shorts at the beach or jeans for a casual walk. Footwear can be anything from training shoes to sandals when you’re wearing your favorite tee.


Footwear – Keep it casual this season with shoes that let you breathe. That’s you, the girlfriend! Footwear that makes the feet sweat and stink is not attractive at all. Aside from the stench, his feet may become infected, so now is a great time to buy him some manly sandals and let him take those socks off! Loafers are soft and comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and can be worn with or without those sexy socks of his.

Shopping for your man is great fun, but he might choose to tag along. You can still get him to shout you a coffee for all your effort, right? Get your guy in a summer mood with a wardrobe refresh this summer.


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