What I am Loving Right Now: Singer 22.com

I am always on the look out for a new and interesting place to shop and last week I found a new love: Singer22.com. The site is a mecca for young, contemporary, modern, trendy style. One of my favorite features is the celebrity style section. We often see photos of our favorite celebs wearing something we like. The problem? We don’t know where to find it and purchase it. With Singer22.com you can search by your favorite celebs to find and purchase items they have worn. Perhaps the best feature is their return policy. Should you not like your purchase, you can return the item for store credit plus a 10% bonus. For example, if you return and item for $200, and choose the store credit option, you will receive $220 in store credit! How awesome is that! It makes shopping with them super easy. To get you started shopping at Singer22.com, I have picked my top 10 must have items from the site. Enjoy!


 Click on the image to purchase the item on Singer22.com

 Singer 22 Spring Pinterest Contest

You could win a shopping spree from Singer22.com! Click here to get details on how to enter their Pinterest contest!


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