Ways You’re Wasting Money On A Night Out: And How To Fix Them

The weekend has finally arrived. You’ve worked hard, you’ve achieved your goals (or at least you’re further on your path) and it’s time to relax. A night out with friends can be one of the highlights of the week. It gives us the opportunity to catch up, unwind and socialise. But the cost of a night out can quickly spiral out of control. There might be a lot of reasons why you’re hoping to keep the cost down. Perhaps you’re saving for your own home or a new car. A holiday might be on the cards. Or maybe you’ve already overspent this month and need to play it safe! Whatever the reason, if you and your friends have your hearts set on a night out, you can still keep the cost down. Most people are wasting money in one or all of these common ways.



Constant Taxis

Taxis are an incredibly convenient and helpful part of a night out. They can help us reach bars and clubs in awkward places. They get us to our destinations warm and dry if it’s terrible weather out. But they can quickly add up. If you’re using taxis unnecessarily or over very short distances, you could be wasting a fortune. Think carefully and consult your friends. With an extra pair of flat shoes in your bags, you might be able to walk between bars. If it is a balmy Summer evening this can actually clear your head and cool you off. However, if this isn’t possible or desirable, consider trying a ridesharing service. Not only does it keep the cost down there are often discounts and offers like a Lyft promo code. Transport can be a major cost on a night out so be thrifty!


No Pre-drinks

Pre-drinking is usually a “student” word meaning that you begin drinking at home and then continue drinking in bars and clubs. If you don’t go overboard, this can be a cheap way to arrive at your destination already a little merry and sociable. Then any extra drinks can just be enjoyed in a leisurely way. Buying mixers and drinks to enjoy at home can save a lot of money and can usually be used for several occasions. If you combine the process with getting ready with your friends, it can easily become your favourite part of the night! Why not learn to mix your favorite cocktail and impress your guests? With some crushed ice and fresh fruit, you’ll feel like a connoisseur in no time.


New Outfits

Many of us feel the need to buy a new outfit every time we go out. If we haven’t seen our friends for a while we can feel under extra pressure to look good or impress them. We might feel like we wear the same thing time and again or that nothing really fits us. The key is to acknowledge that more often than not, this is all in our heads! Our friends want to see us. The chances are they won’t even notice what we’re wearing. If we’re really self-conscious about wearing the same item, we can style our hair differently or add accessories. This can be what transforms the look into appearing completely new to the naked eye.


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