Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, its time to start thinking of how to complete your look for that special date night.  Aussie’s Celeb Hairstylist Laura Polko, gives us three amazing looks that are gorgeous and easy for anyone to repeat.

Romantic Loose Waves

Date Night 1 - Photo Credit Sami Drasin

Photo Credit Sami Drasin

  • Starting with dry hair, create a deep side part and spray a light mist of Aussie Mega Hairspray throughout hair from at least 8-12 inches away, then brush out.
  • Moving from back to front, wrap two inch sections of hair around a one and a half inch curling iron starting at the root and with the hair flat so it creates a curl not a wave. Once you reach the front, be sure to direct the iron and the curls away from the face.
  • To finish the look, give hair a final spritz with hairspray and brush out. In the front, tuck hair behind the ears and spray with hairspray close to the hair to create a wet look and smooth into place with a fine tooth comb.

Soft, Touchable Tendrils

Date Night 3 - Photo Credit Sami Drasin

Photo Credit Sami Drasin

  • Start with towel-dried hair and work in a generous amount of Aussie Miraculously Smooth Styling Mousse.
  • If hair takes too long to air dry, use a blow dryer (either with no attachment or with a diffuser) and direct the air stream from the back of the head towards the front to create lift and volume.
  • Once dry, mist evenly with Aussie Sprunch Hairspray from about six to ten inches away for more disbursement.
  • Shake it out, then flip the hair to one side or the other depending on which side you prefer. To finish, touch up any unruly curls with a small iron of the appropriate size.

Sophisticated, Sexy Chignon

Date Night 2 - Photo Credit Sami Drasin

  • Prep damp hair by misting with Aussie Headstrong Volume Spray Gel to help create volume and hold – this is extra important for ladies with hair falls flat easily.
  • Blow dry using your fingers as a wide tooth comb to direct hair up and back for volume.
  • Starting at the crown of the head, French braid hair, taking larger sections than you normally would. Continue braiding through the ends and secure with a clear elastic.
  • Wrap the ends of the braid up and around to create a loose bun and adjust until you find the placement you like best — this will vary by hair type and length. Secure with large bobby pins.
  • To get those perfectly undone, face-framing wisps of hair, use the palms of your hands to gently rub the temple and area above the ear area. This will loosen up the hair around the face without pulling and messing up the braid.



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