Turn Back The Clock With These Fab Skin Care Hacks

How good would it be to push a button and be five years? Or even ten years younger! Unfortunately, that amazing time-travel option doesn’t exist, but we can be good to our skin so that it appears young. There are many different ways to get soft and supple skin. Some methods are more permanent than others while others are very affordable. Not sure which one is the best option for you? Read on for my roundup of the best skin care hacks that can turn back time!


Skin Creams

There are a whole load of different skin creams out there to choose from. It can get confusing when you’re looking around your local chemist! Generally speaking, it makes more sense to buy the better quality products, even if you think they are expensive. You are paying quality, meaning you will notice better results. See buying skin creams as an investment! So which creams do you need? The three main ones are moisturizer, night cream, and anti-wrinkle cream. Try to get at least two of these for maximum results. Moisturizer is important for the overall condition of your skin. It will replenish your skin with lots of moisture and important nutrients, helping it to look radiant and silky smooth. Night cream is also a kind of moisturizer, however, it is very concentrated so it can repair your skin through the night. Anti-wrinkle cream does exactly what it says on the tin! If you regularly use anti-wrinkle cream, you will find your skin sags less, and your lines and wrinkles will be less defined.


Cosmetic Surgery

The only real flaw of skin creams is that they don’t give you instant results. You will have to use them for at least a couple of months before you begin to see the benefits. If you want to look instantly younger, you should consider cosmetic surgery. Many women find that plastic surgery is an instant confidence boost. No matter what procedure you choose, there will be a short recovery period, and you could be expected to stay in hospital overnight. However, once you are home, you can usually go back to your everyday life. However, it is worth bearing in mind that you could suffer from soreness and swelling for a couple of months after surgery. But apart from that, there should be limited side effects. Interested in a cosmetic procedure? Think about booking a consultation session with your nearest practitioner. They will take you through the whole surgery and explain what they will do to you. They can also explain the recovery period and possible side effects fully. If you still want to find out more about various different cosmetic treatments, you can see all the details from ROXY Plastic Surgery.


Beauty Treatments

If you don’t fancy going under the knife just yet, consider a non-invasive beauty treatment. There are many you can choose from, all of which you will have to see a dermatologist about. Book an appointment with a local dermatologist so that you can discuss the results that you want. He or she will examine your skin and will recommend a procedure he thinks will be best for you and your skin. One of the most popular beauty treatments is a chemical face peel. Just like a face mask that you would apply at home, your dermatologist will cover your face in a thick cream and leave it on for a while. The mask is full of healthy chemicals that will break down the top layer of your skin. When the cream is washed away, it will leave a fresh layer of skin, made up of young and healthy cells. Another popular beauty treatment is collagen injections. Your dermatologist will inject a solution of collagen into your skin. This will make your skin firmer and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other lines.


Natural Treatments

If you’d prefer to use natural treatments to help you turn back the clock, there are plenty to choose from. Lots of women know about the power of cucumber. Cucumbers are great for reducing puffiness around the eyes and any red blotches on the skin. Not only that, but they can also help to lighten up your skin.The best way to use cucumbers on your skin is to place slices over your eyes. Sit back and relax! Leave the slices in place for about twenty minutes to give them a chance to have an effect. During this time, all of their healthy vitamins will be absorbed by the skin around your eyes. Once you take off the slices, your eyes will look rejuvenated, helping you look younger overall! Another great household ingredient for your skin is avocado. It is well documented, just how good this little green fruit is for your overall health. But have you heard how awesome it can be for your skin? The best way to utilize it is to make a face mask out of it. To make a mask, simply mash up the avocado with warm water and honey. The honey will help the concoction stick to your face. Other natural ingredients you can use in face masks include banana and yogurt. Relax with the mask on your face for around twenty minutes. Take some time out and chill with it on in the bath! Once you are ready, rinse it away with warm water and soap. Your skin will be left feeling soft and super fresh! Buy an organic moisturizer to follow up this treatment with. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use this avocado mix again, so you’ll have to throw it out and make a fresh batch next time.


So there you have it! Looking young has never been so easy! Of course, most women don’t just stick to one of these hacks. It is very common for people to use a couple of options. For example, use your natural treatments alongside over-the-counter creams. If you do that, you will see the results quicker, and they will last for much longer!


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