Top Trends for Gorgeous Wedding Nails

Of all the personal touches a bride chooses for her wedding, the way she decorates her nails offers the most versatility. Although pale pinks or nude shades will always be popular bridal choices, they are by no means the only option for a beautiful wedding manicure. Brides who want to showcase their individuality will find a perfect canvas on the ends of their fingers, so let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends in wedding nail designs for 2016.

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Glitter Tips

Glitter Tips

This look, which adds a glamorous touch to the traditional French manicure, has been around for a while. Today with the popularity of metallic wedding décor, it has reached the pinnacle of popularity. Brides can choose to highlight the tips with silver, gold, copper or even bronze, depending on what type of metallic shades are being used throughout the wedding. This classy look makes hands stand out much more than just the standard pink and white.



Geometic Tips

A simple way to create interesting nail art is a geometric pattern, with diagonals, triangles or even stripes that combine a variety of different polish colors and metallics. Patterns can be created using subdued tones or a range of pinks, or brides can choose bold colors that match the rest of their decor. Geometrics are an easy pattern to achieve at home with two or three colors.

Ring Finger Accents

Ring Finger

Of course at any wedding the bride’s ring finger will get a lot of attention. She can beautify that finger specifically by adding accent nail art that is different from the rest of the hand. If the other fingers are wearing a subtle pink shade, the ring finger might have glitter polish, a special design, or even rhinestones and other decorations.


Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones

The sparkling purples, greens or burgundies that are beautiful on any other day might be just a bit too dark for wedding nails. However, the bride can choose tones that are just slightly more muted and achieve a stunning bridal look. There’s an added bonus if real jewel tones are among the wedding colors. A subdued version is rich looking and still elegant.


Any of these fresh takes on classic wedding nail designs is well suited to adding a little personality. Brides should not be afraid to choose a design that’s personal to them but will still look great in wedding photos.



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