Top Tips For Hosting An Awesome Outdoor Party This Fall

The leaves have started to turn red, there’s a slight chill in the air, and Starbucks have started serving spiced lattes. There’s no doubt about it; Fall is here. There are lots of things that we associate with Fall, but outdoor parties are not one of them. (Yes, I said outdoor parties.)

If you have decided to host a party to celebrate the change of season, you might be a little stuck for party ideas. If the thought of holding a party outdoors, even though the weather could be chilly, appeals to you, you’re in the right place. Yes, you and your guests might have to wear an extra layer. But if you sell it as a chance for everyone to show off their new AW15 coats, you shouldn’t have any problems. For all my top tips for throwing an amazing outdoor party, keep reading below:


Pimp out your deck or patio



If you are lucky enough to have a deck or patio in your garden, it is the perfect venue for using to host your party. There are so many amazing things that you can do to transform it into the ultimate Fall party site. Place fairy lights around – wrap them around trees and hang them in shrubs. Pop tea lights in old jars and use them to create makeshift lanterns – these look great dotted here and there. If you can, hire a couple of outdoor heaters that can be used for keeping everyone nice and toasty.


Top tip: If you have a deck, make sure that you have a sturdy safety rail. The last thing that you want at your party is one of the guests falling and breaking a leg. So make sure that you have a secure handrail in place if your deck is up high. If you don’t already have railings fitted, consider having aluminium decking balustrades fitted. These are safe and sturdy, so are ideal.


A pergola is a must


Invest in a wooden pergola and drape netting and curtains around the edges of it, to create a relaxing seating area. Add a few comfortable outdoor chairs – the more sofa-like, the better, add a low coffee table, a thick rug, and scatter a few throws around. If you don’t fancy buying a pergola, you could always hire one instead. However, once you’ve seen how amazingly luxurious and comfortable they can be, you won’t want to give it back.


Be creative with the food and drinks




Instead of your normal party food, have flasks of homemade soup and cups with lids for your guests to drink it out of. As well as soup, consider having three or four baked camemberts, along with lots of crusty bread. When you’re feeling cold, there’s nothing nice than a bit of fondue or some warming soup. Have a table filled with sweet treats for dessert – pumpkin muffins, toffee apples, cinder toffee, and fudge are all ideal. Perhaps you could ask each guest to bring a homemade Fall-inspired dessert along to help out?


As well as having a range of cold drinks, make sure to serve a couple of hot options as well. Things like hot chocolate and mulled wine and cider always tend to go down well – they taste incredible and act as fantastic hand warmers.


If you want to host an amazing outdoor Fall party, take note of the fantastic tips and ideas, above.


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