Top Tips For A Quick And Easy Decor Refresher

We all love a project. Renovating and remodelling our homes makes them fresh, modern and trendy. Of course, it makes our properties more practical for us and helps us achieve the lifestyle we’re looking for. Sometimes we just don’t have the money for a big project. All we really want to do is freshen the place up and improve the look of the place. If you don’t have a lot of time and money, here are our top tips to quickly and easily refresh your decor:


Paint – If you don’t have a lot of time, painting can be quicker and easier than wallpapering. Alternatively, why not just paper your feature wall? You can find the latest colours in your local DIY store, or even have your favourite colour bespoke made for you from the Dulux range. Grab your rollers, and you can be done in just a couple of hours.


Flooring – Changing the flooring can change the whole look and feel of a room, especially if you swap out the carpet for hardwood. Sadly, this isn’t an instant job as you have to wait for a professional fitter. For a quicker and cheaper solution, add a good rug. This season you are looking for geometric patterns in varying shades of the same bold colour. Pick this same colour up through the rest of your soft furnishings and wall art.


Wall art – If you’ve chosen a geometric pattern in the rug, why not contrast it with modern swirls in your wall art? Make it big, and choose a piece with a white background for maximum impact. It may sit on your feature wall, or you may have several pieces for each of the walls.


Curtains – For a really quick and easy change in the room, choose readymade curtains that you can buy online. That way you’re not waiting weeks for your order to come through. Pick something right for the season in your choice of bold colour. If the set comes with tie-backs, this can help create attractive framing curves for your windows and glass doors.


Cushions and Accessories – The same color theme can work for all your other soft furnishings. Think about using it for the ornaments too. But don’t be afraid to add blacks and silvers into the mix. Silver, in particular, is really starting to trend in home fashion this year. Chunky shapes like spheres and pyramids work well with your geometric patterns. Add a large throw across your sofas if you’re looking to freshen up your furniture too. A solid coloured runner across TV stands, tables and sideboards can help continue the theme.


None of these ideas takes very long to implement, and you can then relax in a room that looks and feels completely different. Simple things like moving the furniture and changing the lighting can also make the room feel like a brand new place. This is great for those of you working to a very tight or non-existent budget! Take a day out to see what you can make of your living room, and enjoy making a difference.



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