Top Juices to Drink For Stellar Skin

Today, Beauty Expert and makeup artist Margina Dennis shares some great skin tips!


Q: “What are some top juices to drink for stellar skin?”

A: Tomato juice is great to protect the skin from the sun and create smoother skin. Mango and apple juice have anti-aging benefits and helps to regenerate skin cells. Cucumber juice helps to improve the skin and treat eczema. Carrot juice is great to even the skin tone.

Q: What are some top skin solutions to calm reddened skin?

A: Redden skin can be caused by several skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, broken capillaries, or eczema; or a result of allergies, sensitivity or sunburn. Spicy foods, exposure to excessive wind or heat, or allergens can make the condition worse so it is best to avoid those. Aloe, Yogurt or Oatmeal masks are great solutions to calm the skin down as they soothe irritated or inflamed skin. Cosmetics solutions such as yellow-based foundation and concealers can further minimize the appearance of reddened skin.

Q: “Does lasers on hyperpigmentation really erase the spots caused by too much indoor tanning? If so, how does it work?”

A: Nd Yager lasers work on the treatment of sunspots or spots caused by using a tanning bed. Laser uses a crystal, which lightens the dark spots. Usually a few treatments are needed and the affected area will get a bit darker before it lightens up. Good use to sun protection is important after treatment to keep the dark spots from reappearing.



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