Tips on Organizing Your Closet

There is a lot of fashion packed into my closet space. Without organization, getting dressed would be a mess! Here are some helpful tips on organizing your closet space.

1. Clear the clutter.

Small Cluttered Closet


Its hard to have an organized closet when its messy and full of things you no longer can wear. View my tips on cleaning out your closet to help you edit what you have.

2.  Organize by season and color

Small Organized Closet

Put short sleeve shirts together, long sleeve shirts together, put sweaters together, then dresses. Once that’s done, I like to use the ROY G BIV to color coordinate my clothes. White, Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Blues, Violets, Gray then Black.  This has been super helpful to me when getting dressed and paring things together. For example, when I pick out a pair of pants to wear, I know exactly where to look in my closet if I want to wear a black sweater with it. This method also helps you to see key items that might be missing from  your wardrobe. I follow the same method for skirts and pants. I always hang skirts. My pants are folded, but if you have the space, you can also hang your pants.

3. Make your shoes visible.

Shoes in clear boxes


The cardboard shoe boxes that we are given with our purchase often take up a ton of un-necssary space and hides our shoes from our view. There are two ways I recommend to organize your shoes. 1) Lay them neatly on a shoe shelf or your closet floor. 2) Use clear plastic shoe boxes and put a photo and/or label of the shoe on the outside. You could also purchase a closet shoe organizer. Whatever method you choose, the goal is to make your shoes easy to find.

4. Give your handbags a place.

Many years ago, I used to just toss my handbags in my closet and keep it moving. Then it dawned on me that maybe they would last longer and keep their shape IF I give them a home in my closet. I place my handbags on the top shelf of my closet and stuff them with white gift tissue paper. This helps them keep thier shape and preserves them while I am not using them.

5. Add some art

Closet Art

Adding art to your closet is something fun you can do to express  your clothing personality. There are four pictures in my closet. Two are magazine ads, and two are fashion quotes that I love! Two of the frames are ones I have had for years, and the other two are spray painted frames from Goodwill. I didn’t spend a tone of money on the art, but it makes a statement!




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