Tips for Amazing Skin

One of the questions I get asked the most is how I take care of my skin tips to achieve amazing skin. Using products from the eco friendly skin skin care line Derma E, I will give you my 4 beauty blogger tips for amazing skin.


Tip 1: Remove Makeup

One of the biggest causes of of clogged pores is not fully removing your makeup at the end of the day. No matter how tired you are, take 1 minute to remove your makeup and save your skin a world of trouble. The gentle and effective makeup remover works amazing even against waterproof mascara. Plus the cucumber and chamomile soothe the skin.


Tip 2: Cleanse

Finding a cleanser you love is key! With the Derma E Purifying Gel Cleanser, I love the key ingredient Kimarine Wakame. Kimarine Wakame is a potassium-rich, magnesium-rich seaweed that protects against environmental pollutants. Adding in Activated Charcoal, Green Tea and Aloe Leaf Juice makes this cleanser one of the best I’ve ever used.


Tip 3: Treat Yo Skin

No matter your age or skin condition, find treatment products and an eye cream that addresses your concerns. For me, my main concerns are keeping my skin glowing refreshed as well as addressing lines and dark circles under my eyes. Using the Purifying Youth Serum and Firming DMAE Eye Lift 2x a day, I have seen improvement in my skin complexion and the reduction of lines under my eyes.


Tip 3: Exfoliate

1-2 times a week, use and exfoliate on your skin to remove dead skin cells. I always suggest starting out with one day and week and then working your way up to 2 if you skin allows. Derma E’s gentle Microdermabrasion Scrub and Overnight Peel are great options. The Microdermabrasion Scrub contains Dead Sea Salt and Volcanic Sand (rich in Silica) to buff away dull surface cells. The Overnight Peel is probably one of my favorite products. This no rinse solution of skin-brightening blend of glycolic sugar cane and fruit acids keeps my skin looking its absolute best.






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