The Ultimate Flawless Skin Guide for Women

All women want flawless skin. I bet there isn’t a woman alive who would say no to it given the choice! So many women think that they’re not capable of achieving flawless skin, but anybody can get it with consistency. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to get flawless skin:
Use Products that Match Your Skin Type

The first thing you need to do is use products that match your skin type. Don’t know what yours is? Find out ASAP! You’ll usually find it’s one of the following:

  • Sensitive.
  • Dry.
  • Combination.
  • Oily.
  • Normal.

If you use products that aren’t suited to your specific skin type, you’ll hinder it. If you use oily skin products on dry skin, for example, your skin will dry out even more. You need to make sure that the products you are using are perfectly suited to you. Speak to a professional on a makeup counter if you’re unsure of what yours is!
Always Protect With an SPF

Everybody, regardless of skin color and type, should protect with an SPF. No matter what the weather’s like outside, the rays and free radicals can wreak havoc on the skin. If you protect yourself with an SPF, you’ll keep your skin looking younger for longer and stop damage. Sun damage might be invisible, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop it from happening!

Moisturize After a Bath or Shower

Baths and showers can dry out the skin, especially if you have them hot. Make sure you moisturise afterwards, concentrating on dry areas. Leave it to sink in and your skin will look and smell amazing!

Make Hair Removal a Thing of the Past

There’s one thing that can ruin the look of silky smooth skin: spiky hair! Hair removal can take up so much time and effort. Not to mention some of the methods are painful too! Why not make hair removal a thing of the past? Use a more permanent solution to get rid of hair forever! Do a little research to see which are the painful beauty methods and which are virtually pain free.

Use a Gradual Tanner

A gradual tanner can not only moisturise the skin, but give it a healthy glow too. There’s no need to get an orange tan when you buy a decent gradual tanner. It’ll simply make you look healthier!


Exfoliate around 2-3 times per week to get gorgeously smooth skin. You can do this a number of ways, either with a mitt, a body brush, or a scrub. Pick your favourite! Make sure you’re careful though; you shouldn’t be rubbing your skin raw. You’ll also need to use something gentle on your face, as it’s more sensitive.

Eat Right

The food you put in your body can make a big difference to how your skin looks. Make sure you eat natural foods and foods that are low in sugar to keep your skin looking awesome.


Stay hydrated with 2-3 litres of water a day. Drink lots of green tea too, but try to avoid any other drinks. Milk, fizzy drinks, and juice should all be avoided.


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