The Journey to Spring Part 4: Work Life Balance

Being a fashion designer requires a lot of time and dedication. So, I wondered how Tarsha Williams, designer for DelMoniCole Clothing, balances her work with her life.

“I think that all working women and mothers find it difficult when trying to balance family and work. I make sure to divide my time during the day. When I get home all of my attention is with my kids. That allows time for homework, dinner etc. I usually start my fashion work around 8pm. During this time I sketch, sew, or do research. I take off on Sundays to dedicate that entire day to my family. It’s very important that everyone gets the attention they need and of course my house operates smoothly.”

I admire Tarsha for her commitment to her family and work. After reading her statement, it made me wonder how many of us are finding difficulty in being there for the things and people that matter, but still pursue our dreams and goals? Web MD lists 5 tips for better work life balance.

1. Build downtime into your schedule. Often times we pack our days with to do lists, meeting, errands, ect. But we don’t even think about making time to just relax!

2. Drop activities that sap your time or energy. “Many people waste their time on activities or people that add no value,” Say Dr. Marilyn Puder-York. By dropping unnecessary activities, that opens up more time to focus on things that matter.

3. Rethink your errands. If there is some else who can take care of something for you, pass it off to them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

4. Get moving. Exercise releases all kinds of good endorphins and helps you feel more energized to get things done!

5. Remember that a little relaxation goes a long way. Taking just a few minutes out for yourself each day can make a huge difference.

If you are in need of a better work life balance, take lessons from Tarsha and Web MD. Finding that balance keeps us healthy AND happy!


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