The Inner City Style Lookbook

Style Lookbook


One thing that has always struck me whilst travelling is how style can change so much from place to place. City girls have a unique vibe and defy usual style trends. Living within a city changes your entire persona. The city changes you and much of the time this is for the better. Creating the ultimate city look is difficult for a beginner. Every city girl knows how to customize their look to suit their mood. This style may appear to be effortless, but there is a lot of thought that has gone into it. There is a cool, sophisticated vibe; that is hard to mimic. Here is the essential guide to getting that inner city girl look.


Sophisticated Sunglasses

When you’re in a city, you need a gorgeous pair of sunglasses. The only way to go is to buy designer glasses as these will last you and look incredible in the city sun. Your glasses are as much a statement as the rest of your outfit, so make sure that you use them to accessorize your look. With sunglasses, the bigger the frames, the better they look on you. Go big or go home. Grab a pair that have huge frames, which will make you look like a celeb walking down the street. Never scrimp on this accessory. A pair of stunning sunnies can make or break your look, so shop around and find the right pair to suit your face shape.


Low High Heels

High heels make every girl look slimmer and more sophisticated. There is no doubt about that. When you’re walking around the city streets, though high heels just aren’t practical. An ideal city girl look has to be low high heels. Try a kitten heel for size, as this strikes the perfect balance. When choosing shoes go for a plain, block colour, such as black or blue, which will match plenty of different outfits. You should also invest in a white pair of shoes, but these are more difficult to work into an outfit. Look for Brian Atwood heels, as they are subtle, yet classic.


The Ultimate Bag

In the city, you have two things to think about when you are buying a bag. First, and foremost, you have to think about safety. Cities are not kind places, and you need to do everything that you can to protect yourself. The second thing that you should think about is the style of the bag itself. Handmade leather bags have been a popular trend in SS 2014, and you should not overlook this key trend when buying a bag. Everybody wants something original and unique to their personal style. Invest in a quality, designer handbag that you can use on a day to day basis. A bag of this style will revolutionize your entire wardrobe.


Sheer Shirts

Only for the brave, the sheer shirt is the epitome of style this year. For city girls, sheer shirts are daring, yet classic. We have seen the look boasted by many celebrities, including Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. The style has also been a massive hit on the catwalk. The key to wearing a sheer shirt is pairing it with sleek pieces. A high-waisted skirt will always look stunning with this piece as you can use the skirt to tailor the look. You can also try this look with a pair of super skinny jeans, which will give the style a casual, bohemian feel.


Carefree Hair
Carefree hair is anything but carefree to maintain. The look takes hours of styling and prep to get it to look as though you have just stepped out of bed. Try using surf hair texturizing wax to give your hair that layered and messy look. Comb your locks over to one side to complete the free-spirited style.


Style Lookbook

Style Lookbook

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