The Fashion Fund: Episode Two, Facing The Committee

“It’s a very emotional experience” – Anna Wintour

The Fashion Fund Pannel

This episode was intense to say the least. The designers had 15 minutes to present their collection in front of the panel and answer questions about themselves and their brand. To make matters more intense, they only had four days to prepare! For the beginning of the presentations, the designers are asked to present the past, present and future of their collections. It gives the judges an idea of how your vision will grow throughout the years. Oncethe collection is presented, the designers then sit in a chair across from Anna Wintour, Diane von Furstenberg, Ken Downing (Senior Vice President and Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus) and Jenna Lyons (President and Executive Creative Director of J.Crew) as they sound off questions expecting immediate, thoughtful answers. Talk about intimidating!
One of the things that I am really enjoying about this series is how open and friendly Anna is. Her persona of patronizing, inconsiderate Editor-In-Chief is melted away. She is serious and has high-expectations, but presents it in an encouraging way.

My favorite moment from last nights episode is when Diane asked Jason of Parabellum who he wanted to mentor him. Without hesitation, he wanted Reed Krakoff, a judge on the panel. The choice made sense considering that Reed is the President/Executive Creative Director and head designer at Coach, but part of me wondered if it was an easy attempt to impress the judges. Designer Tim Coppens, however, was not so smooth. He stuttered through his answer and never gave a concrete preference. Designer Todd Snyder used food as a way to appeal to the judges. He did give an excellent reason for his incorporation of food into his presentation:

“Food and Fashion are similar. All the ingredients are there. It’s how you put it together that makes the difference” – Todd Snyder


Perhaps my favorite quote from the presentations was Dao-Yi of Public School explaining their collection:

“Our collection is about blending in, by sticking out” -Public School


In the end, the judges walked away with a more clear understanding of who really has what it takes to be the next great fashion designer. My favorites so far are Misha Nonoo (of the label Nonoo), Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne (of the label Public School) and Jason Jones (of the label Parabellum).

Check out this clip from last nights show where Dao-Yi and Maxwell discuss the process of preparing for the presentation.


Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for episode three. Check your local listings for OvationTV in your area.


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