The Fashion Fund: Episode Six, The Final Cut

“How they present themselves is a key example of how they work” Anna Wintour

In six short weeks, the Fashion Fund has come to an end. It seems too soon considering I could watch this show every week and not get bored. As the judges go through final site visits, the designers gain perspective on how their collection is perceived. Judges Marcus Wainwright and David Neville of Rag and Bone are direct in the constructive criticism of the designers collections. One point that Marcus made was that the judges have to see and feel that the collection is going to be successful. If the designer doesn’t last, it is a bad refection on the judges and the fund.

The designers head to LA for a fashion show coordinated by the Vogue west coast editor. Celebrities, stylists, and socialites view the collection and seem impressed by the quality of designers in the Fund this year. The setting was beautiful and an after party gives the designers a chance to build relationships with LA’s hottest stars.


“You are in it to win it” Juan Carlos

As the judges deliberate, its clear to see that they come to table ready to defend who they want to win. Everyone has a favorite, but Anna boldly admits that she has a sway on the outcome. The winner of course was Public School New York, and I felt a sense of pride because their work and vision is incredible.

I loved this season and can not wait to see who will make the cut for 2014.

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The Fashion Fund Episode six

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