The Fashion Fund: Episode Five, Cocktails With The Committee

“Seeing how young designers work under a time frame is important because that’s a fact of life” Anna Wintour

After a break to present their collections at Fashion Week, the designers were back to work on the UniQlo challenge. In episode 3, Anna decided what look the designers would untimely create for the challenge. Now, we get to see the thought processes, details and challenges each designer faced as they prepared to present the looks. Watching the episode, I learned that the cocktail party was at Anna’s home [Insert jealous sigh].

Each designer was paired with a muse to dress in their look and accompany them to the party. I loved how they mixed models with celebrities for the muse inspirations. Some of my favorites included model Chanel Iman, comedian Jay Pharaoh and rapper A$AP Rocky. Another highlight in the episode was the designers fitting their look on the muse in the Vogue closet!




“You have to find time to do everything… not so much sleep.” Misha Nonoo

The presentation of the looks to the committee is where you finally see actual front runners. Public School designers Maxwell and Dao-Yi literally designed a head to toe look which impressed the designers. It was very well thought out and each piece could have went straight to production to be sold at UniQlo. Other designers that impressed me were Tim Coppens and Todd Snyder. Both presented very well constructed looks that still had the signature touch of their brand. I was most disappointed in the look Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin of Tome put together. The main component of the look was a coat made from real python. Not practical for everyday wear and  an item that UniQlo would never sell.


Fashion Fund Season Finale

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for the sixth and final episode of the season. Check your local listings for OvationTV in your area.

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The Fashion Fund Episode Five


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