The Easy Way to Get Gorgeous Tresses: Tips and Tricks


Many of us will never be Rapunzel, no matter how hard we try. We should still take good care of our hair though – damaged, dry hair never looks attractive. Hair should look shiny, healthy, and full at all times. Don’t panic: you can achieve this with your hair. How? Try this…

Always Use Heat Protectant Spray

Always use heat protectant spray. I can’t stress this enough! If you don’t your hair will slowly frazzle away until it’s dull, dry, and frizzy. Not a good look! It takes 2 seconds to spritz some of this on before using a heated appliance.

Don’t Use Too Much Product

You need to use product to get a good look, but you should never use too much product. This can weigh your hair down and make it look greasy. Only use a couple of products at a time and make sure you stick to the guidelines as stated on the back.

Use High Quality Products on Your Hair

The products you do use on your hair should be a high quality. The higher quality your products, the better your hair will look afterwards. You shouldn’t need to use as much either. A site like should give you some ideas when it comes to products.

Sleep on Silk

Silk pillows might sound like a luxury, but they aren’t just comfortable – they’re fab for the hair too! By sleeping on silk pillows, you’ll minimize frizz and damage to your hair. In fact, you’ll usually wake up in the morning with great hair. Make like the celebrities and get silk pillows in your life ASAP!

Make Rollers Your Best Friend

Rollers take minutes to put in, and minutes to take out. Simply section your hair off and then place a roller in each section. You can then leave them as long as you need to get the level of volume you want. It’s a very simple, quick way to get pretty hair. You can even get some chores done while you wait for your hair to set; killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

Get Your Hair Cut

Do you look at your hair lately and feel down? It may be because you need a hair cut. How long has it been? You really shouldn’t go longer than 6-8 weeks without having your hair cut. This will help to keep it looking healthy. If you just have a ‘trim’ each time you visit the salon, your hair can end up becoming very damaged and split. A very common hair issue! If this is the current condition of your hair, consider getting a bob. They’re very trendy and you can start again after!


Don’t Be Afraid to Backcomb

Backcombing won’t damage your hair if you do it properly. Make sure you use a good comb, and get right at the root to lift your hair. Don’t just go crazy backcombing your whole head. Always brush your knots out before bed too!

Have a great hair day!

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