The Best Way to Accessorize Your Outfits This Season

Fashions change from season to season, and this season is no different. As the weather heats up (but remains temperamental), the following accessory styles are being spotted more and more. If you love looking a little boho and edgy, then you must try these!

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are no longer for 6 year old boys and girls. You definitely don’t want to walk around with Bob the Builder or Barbie on your arm! They’re now made for us grown ups too. Metallic tattoos look amazing and are perfect for festivals and holidays. Even Cara Delevingne got in on the act when she attended the Met Gala, but she went for a large flower design! The design was actually applied by her favorite tattoo artist Bang Bang. It took a total of 11 hours – imagine her sadness when she had to wash it off! Temporaries are so good because you don’t need to make a permanent commitment. Simply apply and then remove with baby oil when you’re tired of the design.


Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are the perfect accompaniment when you have your hair up or smoothed to the side. They look seriously punk rock, so be prepared to bring out your inner rebel! If you’re wearing a girly outfit, one of these can add a punk edge to toughen up the look.

Asymmetrical Earrings

Weather one stud and one dangly earring is oh so grunge/punk, and will make a big statement. Who said matching was a must? Mix it all up and have fun with your earrings! Some people like to wear multiple earrings in just one ear.


Chunky Necklaces

The chunky necklace is a great way to accessorize a low cut dress or top. It can really make a statement and enhance your outfit. I love thick chains in silver or gold, whatever color you think suits you best! Choker styles are so in at the moment, but go for chunky metal rather than tattoo style.

Layered Chains

Instead of a chunky necklace, sometimes I like to wear daintier chains layered up. You can wear as many as you like. It looks really good if some are longer/shorter than others. Sometimes, I even like to add a tattoo style choker. Experiment with styles and lengths to see what you like best.

Large Arm Cuffs

A large arm cuff looks really cool and is very ‘boho’. You can get cuffs that go around the wrist, and even some that go further up the arm, although you need to be careful not to cut off your circulation.

Stacking Rings

Wearing a ton of rings is in, no need to worry about looking like a gypsy! Wear a mixture, from thin midi rings to chunky, statement rings. I’ve been looking for masonic rings for sale as they’re a bit different!


Any fringed accessory is perfect for this season and will take you straight into the next one too. Fringed bags, jackets, and even boots look amazing and will go with all of the other trends mentioned here. You know when you wear fringing you look instantly cool.


If you want to look awesome for this season and beyond, make sure you try these trends. We think you’ll love them. Leave a comment with your thoughts or more suggestions!



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