The $500 Nail Polish

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Yes, you read the title correctly. There is a nail polish that exists that cost a whopping $500 per bottle. What would make one bottle of polish cost that much?? The short answer is Gold. This Mine Luxury Nail Lacquer is pigmented with pure 24Karat gold. Each Lacquer is handmade from raw materials and poured into an Australian crystal bottle. Designed by jeweler Veleta Vancza, the Mine polishes are the ultimate luxury buy for your nails. The company also offers other raw metal polishes such as fine silver, aluminum, graphite, pewter, white gold and a crystal top coat with prices ranging from $75-$450. With all of the “gold like” polishes available on the market, it’s hard to justify spending that much on polish, but I’ll leave the shopping up to you.

Mine Lacquer 24K Gold Nail Polish Mine Lacquer 24K Gold Nail Polish 3 Mine Lacquer 24K Gold Nail Polish2

See the entire Mine Lacquer line HERE.

The $500 Nail Polish The $500 Nail Polish

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