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The Journey to Spring Part 4: Work Life Balance

October 11, 2012 The Journey to Spring

Being a fashion designer requires a lot of time and dedication. So, I wondered how Tarsha Williams, designer for DelMoniCole Clothing, balances her work with her life. “I think that all working women and mothers find it difficult when trying to balance family and work. I make sure to divide my time during the day. When I get home all of my attention is with my kids. That allows time for homework, dinner etc. I usually start my fashion workRead More

The Journey to Spring Part 3: What to Create

October 4, 2012 The Journey to Spring

“I usually create what I would like to wear.” I love this quote by Tarsha Williams, designer for DelMoniCole Clothing. Last week she showed us a preview of of the fabrics she is using for her Spring collection. After making those selections, the next question becomes, “What will she make with the fabric?” She states, “I’ll look at a fabric and determine how I can envision me wearing it. Other times I sketch different silhouettes in a notebook and findRead More

The Journey to Spring Part 2: The Fabrics

September 27, 2012 The Journey to Spring

Every designer needs inspiration and designer Tarsha Williams of DelMoniCole Clothing gets her inspiration from fabrics. When purchasing fabrics she has adopted the ideology, “If you don’t love it don’t buy it.” In my view, loving the fabrics you choose are the base to creating a collection you will be proud of. Tarsha sent us a sneak peak into 4 of the fabrics she choose for her Spring Collection. The first fabric is beautiful vintage print with reds, golds andRead More

The Journey to Spring Part 1: Meet the Designer

September 20, 2012 The Journey to Spring

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a Spring collection? Wonder no more!  I have teamed up with up designer Tarsha Williams and her label DelMoniCole Clothing to give my readers the inside scoop into how a collection comes together. Over the next several months, we will follow Tarsha each step of the way as she creates her Spring 2013 collection.  We will see how she chooses her theme, fabrics,  and designs, with the grand finale of theRead More