The Golden Rules For Creating A Child’s Bedroom As Stylish As The Rest Of Your Home



It can seem that children do not go hand in hand with a stylish and beautifully kept home. Mismatched toys seem to multiply, and so keeping a child’s bedroom tidy could be a full-time job, not to mention children’s penchant for drawing on walls and running mud through the house. But it totally is possible to keep a beautiful and glamorous home, as well as give children the bedroom of their dreams; you’ve just got to think smart.


Keep your house’s theme

Keeping a theme running through a house gives it a homogenous and stylish feel, but also makes decorating a whole lot easier. This is exactly the same for a child’s bedroom or nursery. If your family home is minimalist, with bright white walls and wooden flooring, then keeping that theme in the child’s bedroom is far more straightforward. It also allows for flexibility in accessorizing as the kid gets older and outgrows their interests, which seems to happen at an alarming rate. Keeping staple colors fairly neutral allows personality to be displayed in the form of artwork, furniture, curtains, and rugs, and also helps to keep the room from looking cluttered.


Make a furniture focal point

There’s something quite fun about furnishing a child’s room – they seem to get all the exciting stuff. Keeping most of the furnishings, such as wardrobe and chair, fairly basic allows you to create a focal point out of one item of furniture, such as the bed, without making the room feel cluttered or overbearing. Cool kid’s beds, such as these on, come in a whole host of fun and beautiful styles, allowing personality to be injected into the room, but also helping to make bedtime fun. When the rest of the room is kept fairly plain, the bed draws the focus, keeping the room feeling chic but still age-appropriate.



Get smart with storage

It’s not an exaggeration to say that kids own more stuff than probably both their parents put together. They seem to accumulate clothes and toys at a frightening speed, and all of these things need a place to live, otherwise they’re cluttering up space and detracting from a beautiful home. Smart storage solutions allow children to keep their toys tidied away, without having to put them in the trash.


The under-bed storage is a good place to start, especially if this can be organized to keep toys and clothes separate – however big their wardrobe is, it never seems quite enough. The main thing to remember is not to just give up and accept the fate of huge, ugly, plastic storage boxes. Hampers, wooden drawer units, ottomans – the list of options is endless. And be sure to utilize disused space – little nooks and crannies can quite easily have a hamper tucked away, or a cupboard door added, et voila – another place to keep toys! The possibilities really are endless.


Creating a stylish child’s bedroom or nursery that runs along with the theme of your home can seem tricky, but it’s totally possible with a little bit of imagination and a whole load of storage solutions.


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