Styling Glasses: Top Tips

Whether you wear regular glasses or you’re just a regular wearer of sunglasses, it helps to know how to style them. Some people feel self conscious when wearing glasses, but there’s really no need if you know how to style them properly. These top tips will help you to feel beautiful no matter what kind of glasses you’re wearing!

 Pick Glasses to Suit Your Face Shape

Before you style your glasses, choosing the right shape is essential. Bear in mind that something that looks good on you in sunglasses form, may not look good on you when it comes to opticals. You’ll need to try a number of styles before you decide on what you like. As a general rule, the shape of the frames should contrast your face shape. Those with soft faces will want angular glasses, while those with sharp faces will want softer shapes. They can help create the optical illusion of a more balanced face. Bear in mind that the color of the frames can make a difference too. Black usually suits everybody, but in some cases it can be too harsh. Tortoise shell and brown work well as neutrals to go with everything. Your skin, eyes, and hair should all be taken into account when selecting your spectacles. Glasses can be found for reasonable prices these days, so there’s no need to worry about that or the LensCrafters eye exam cost. They don’t need to be designer to look great!

Cute Rectangle Frame Glasses

Style Your Hair

There are plenty of hairstyles that look amazing with glasses. My favorite is the high bun, as you can show off a gorgeous pair of glasses this way. Just about anybody can get away with this hairstyle when wearing flattering glasses! Straight hair and wavy hair look chic too.

 Your Makeup

If you really want to show off your glasses, keep your makeup simple. You don’t want to overwhelm the frames and distract from them! However, you can still make a statement. Glasses will make your eyes more noticeable, so why not give yourself cat eyes with eyeliner? Just don’t make your eyes too heavy, as adding glasses can look too much afterwards. A bold lip can contrast your glasses perfectly for a night out. Curling lashes will help to stop them from touching your frames. Defined brows are a must too!


I recommend carrying a good concealer with you so that you can cover any red marks left on your nose by the glasses. On occasion you might find that your base rubs off on your lenses, so carry your cleaning cloth with you.  If you pick the right glasses and make the effort with your hair and makeup, you will always look chic. Don’t worry about looking ‘geeky’ or anything less than beautiful! Glasses go with everything and can even make an outfit look better in some cases – hence why people are going crazy over glasses with no lenses!


Do you have any amazing styling tips for your glasses? Leave a comment!


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  1. Thanks for the tips. Just last week my wife found out that she will need glasses and she is really worried about it. I have tried to tell her that there are designer glasses frames that look great. Maybe this will encourage her. I really think she will wear them very stylishly.

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