Style Tips For The Dancefloor: How To Dress When You Go Out


Here’s the rub: when you go to a nightclub, you will have a better time if you actually dance. Of course, you can stand and pout from the sidelines if that’s what grabs you. But be honest; is it really that enjoyable? So keep things simple. You can go glam if you like, but if you are intending on making serious moves on the dancefloor, then you will need to wear natural fibers. They might look a little less sparkly, but they will stop you sweating so much.

Another thing to think about is the amount you wear, not just the style. The chances are you’ll be hitting a couple of bars first, and maybe doing some walking in between venues. Big, bulky coats are a no-go, so to deal with the multiple temperature changes, try some layers instead. That way you can peel off and wrap up as and when you need to. Check out our guide to layering if you need some help.



Unless you are a trained model/dancer/giraffe, forget about the high heels. You will at best keep your composure, and at worst end up with broken ankles. Nightclubs are dark, sweaty places, and that makes for a dangerous night out in 6-inch heels. Slippery floors and over exuberant dance moves are not a happy mix. So keep your footwear flat if you can. Or if you are feeling street, go for some fitted and cushioned sneakers. They’ll keep your feet in good shape until the small hours.



Hipster pants that slip down too far and tight skirts that ride up waaaay too much. That’s not something anybody wants to see – apart from those that will give you the wrong kind of attention. Good club clothes are slinky without being too revealing, and, above all, they are comfortable. You need to have some movement and flex in your outfit. Otherwise, you will be revealing more than you bargained for.



Make sure you wear a top that stays up unless you’re the sort that doesn’t mind flashing to complete strangers. If you intend on cutting loose on the dancefloor, you’ll need something airy to help prevent sweating. There’s no denying that tops can be tricky. A lot of girls wear glittery, sequined tops to the clubs, but you may look more striking going for something like the cool kids wear in Berlin.



We’re seeing a lot of wigs in the clubs at the moment. At least, we are at the start of the night – they soon come off when the heat starts to take hold. If you want to go down the hairpiece route, make sure you aren’t going for synthetics. Human hair wigs are much more comfortable because they allow your scalp to breathe. You also need to think about the type of jewelry you are wearing. I once saw a young dancer pull a smart move to the right which looked great. But she nearly decapitated the poor guy next to her with her necklace. So keep things simple and compact. You’re there to have fun, not to be a lethal weapon.


What do you wear in the when you go out? And have you had any disasters because you chose the wrong outfit? Let us know in the comments section.


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