Soul Sunday: The Importance of Setting Goals

Set A Goal

I love the beginning of a New Year! Its a fresh clean slate to set a new goal, dream a new dream or even get back on track with things you may have slipped on in previous years. Weather you set goals January 1 or throughout the year, the main focus is to set them. Here are 5 reasons why setting goals is important, no matter what stage of life you are in.

1. Goals help you to view your future as positive. No one sets a goal to move their life in a negative direction. Goals help you to think about the best things you want for your life.

2. Writing down your goals gives you a reference to look back on. I’m old-fashioned and I like to actually write mine down with pen and paper, but a note in your smart phone or an email to yourself will do the same. It’s easy to move forward with your goals in January, but as February, March, and April start rolling around that’s when the actions to complete your goals start to fade. Each month, set a reminder to look back at your list of goals. You will be surprised by how much this little step will keep you motivated all year long.

3. Goals keep you focused on whats important to YOU. When I sit down and think about what I wanted to accomplish in my life in 2015, my mind was solely focused on what I want my future to look like, not what other people want for me. Most of us have that one opinionated family member or friend who who don’t mind telling us what they think we should be doing, but setting goals for yourself takes their opinion out of the equation. Goals help you not to loose yourself in the shuffle of everyday life.

4. Set a Goal that has an element of fun or enjoyment. While goals can be serious, I am a firm believer in working hard AND having fun. Set a goal to do something fun for yourself. It could be a new hobby or making more time for something you already love! In Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine” and many doctors and psychologists also agree that doing something you enjoy is just as good for your health as eating right. Here is a great article from Psychology Today on the benefits of laughter.

5. Goals give your life direction. A person who wonders in life without goals will find themselves in a life of un-fulfillment. Even if you dont verbalize them or write them down, goals are like the road map to our life. They guide us to where we are going. Even if our direction changes, a new goal sets the course for a new destination. So set some goals and go in the direction of your dreams!

Enjoy your 2015 and I can’t wait to hear and see all you accomplish this year!

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