Simple Ways To Give Your Kitchen Scandinavian Style

Scandinavians aren’t known for their flamboyant style or crazy interior designs. Instead, they value simplicity and function. That might sound like a great thing to some people, but how exactly does it work in practice? If everything is about simplicity and function, then what exactly is Scandinavian style and how do you emulate it in your own kitchen?

The trick here is to let the materials and the fixtures and fittings do the talking. Scandinavian style is all about celebrating what the materials themselves offer, as well as making everything super plush and convenient. Here’s what to do.


#1: Use Wall Hung Racks



One of the stand-out features of Scandinavian kitchens is the fact that they often make use of wall hung racks for things like oven mitts, wooden spoons and carving knives often hung right behind the hob. The idea here is to make the kitchen is convenient as possible as well as beautiful in a sort of functional way. Scandinavian designers know that the last thing people want is to have to scrabble about in their drawers looking for kitchen equipment. They want to be able to pick up a piece of equipment and then use it immediately in their cooking. Racks help to free up space and add extra style to your kitchen, especially if you hang copper pots and pans from them.


#2: Display Tableware In Vintage Shelving

Scandinavians love to have all their kitchen equipment on display, rather than hidden away in drawers. It’s a subtle design distinction between Scandinavia and the Anglo-Saxon world. The only possible issue here is that your glasses and crockery need to be part of a set for it to look good.




If you’ve got vintage shelving lying around, either leave it as it is or paint it a subtle pastel color to make it pop. Look out for vintage items on eBay and at local car boot sales.


#3: Make The Furniture Tactile

It’s no surprise that Scandinavian furniture brands are world-famous. The region is dedicated to making furniture something that is a job to use. One of the features of Scandinavian kitchens is the soft close drawer runners on all the drawers. These add a gentleness to the kitchen, making it a more relaxing environment and protecting the contents.


#4: Put Up A Chalk Board

Another way to add character to your kitchen is to put a chalkboard on one of the walls. This is something that is often seen in Scandinavian bistros and kitchens, but it’s becoming more popular in the home as time moves on. You can use your chalkboard to communicate with the rest of your family, or simply use it as a decorative item that brings a contemporary look to your kitchen.


#5: Store Food In Wicker Baskets

If you’ve got a kitchen island with some spare space, or a sideboard you don’t use for preparation, a beautiful Scandi touch is to put fruit and veg in wicker baskets. Storing food in this way gives you kitchen a more relaxed country style.


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