Pumpkin Spiced Everything: Making Your Home Perfect For Fall

The wind has started to blow, the leaves have begun to turn bronze and crisp-up, the days have gotten shorter and the seasons have changed – yeah, fall is here and we couldn’t be more excited by it. We’re not going to squeal and mention the holiday season is now just around the corner but, eeeek, the holiday season is just around the corner. However, before we get there, we have to get back into the school routine, enjoy all things and Halloween and, best of all, get our home all ready for the fact autumn is here now and winter is coming next.

With that in mind, it is time to dip into your savings, start scanning the market for home improvement secured loans and make all the adjustments needed to add value to your home-sweet-home, prepare for the cooler seasons and just make your home that much more appealing.

And here is just how you can do that:


It’s Time For Fall-Inspired Decor

This is the season to embrace everything cozy, warm, inviting and Hygge – or whatever this season’s big Scandinavian trend is that will give your home an air of elegance. That means getting rid of your sunflower display and pulling together autumnal flower displays made up of berries, twigs and all things orange. It means hanging a cranberry wreath on the door to make all those heading your way smile, changing your home’s fragrance from Sunset Over San Diego to Spiced Pumpkin latte. The world is changing outside your windows, and that means your home needs to change on the inside too.


It’s The Season To Fix That Roof

You probably should have done this while the sun was still blazing, but who on earth thinks that far ahead. However, there is no point waiting any longer, especially given that some places recorded snow falls like never before. If there is any curling, peeling, broken shingles or missing tiles then now is the time to address that issue, before you $200 problem becomes one that will cost your thousands and thousands of dollars. There is just no point in risking some severe damage to your home for the sake of, “ah, it can wait until tomorrow.”


Upgrade The Doors And Windows

If you don’t need to walk around your home, holding up a candle to see if flickers, in order to know there is a draft flying through your space then it is time to take the hit and invest in some new doors and windows. It may not be every single unit that has an inability to keep the cold air out and the warm air in, but any that are not doing the job they should be doing then it is time to fix that fact. Just thinking about all those hundreds of dollars you will be saving each year on a) heating bills and b) air conditioning overheads. It could be that you just need a snazzy new front door and a bit of caulk for the windows and, voila, your house will be all toasty again.


Create A Beautiful Basement

The days have got shorter and the outdoors has dropped in temperature, which means your kids – and their friends – are going to be looking for somewhere to play inside. So will you for that matter. So why not use this fall as the perfect time to renovate your basement so that you have somewhere you can send them to play – or somewhere you can escape to – for years to come. It could be a dedicated play room, a games room, a guest bedroom, office, or self-contained apartment. Whatever you decide, any investment you make down there will be worth it in terms of value added to your home – as if having the kids out of your hair for ten minutes wouldn’t be enough of a reason to do it.


The Perfect Porch Extension

We wanted to call it a ‘mudroom’ but we realized that didn’t sound sexy enough to warrant such an investment. But that is what it would be and, yes, that would be worth it. Like we have already established, autumn is here and winter is coming, and that means mud, leaves, dirt, snow, grass and all sorts of other nasty stuff is going to get tread through your home. So, instead of there being a permanent trail of muck that leads from the front door to the fridge to the sofa to their bedroom, add a smart little porch onto your home and have all the mess contained in there. Your lovely hardwood floor and carpets will be safe and your home will be much improved. Double win.


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