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Inviting people into your home is a personal experience. Your home not only a place where you rest, but it is also a reflection of your personality. Being that I think creatively though my writing and personal style, it’s no surprise that I put a lot of focus into how my home is decorated. My personal style is to mix modern and vintage. You can certainly see that in my style posts, but that idea also seeps into my interior design. When people come into my home, my family room is where I do a majority of my entertaining. One of my focal walls consists of two mid-century modern chairs with a square wood table in the middle. A large canvas painting anchors the focal point and adds an artistic element into the space. I absolutely love how this wall came together! When I recently went shopping for Kleenex, I was pleased to see all the new designs and colors available versus the traditional facial tissue boxes. Whatever your décor, Kleenex has a box that will compliment your space. Being that my family room color pallet is blue, yellow and gray, I kept my focus on finding a box with a design that adhered to those colors. Who knew I would have so many choices! In the end, I chose to go with a two tone blue print since the focus wall was lacking the color blue. My Kleenex box is now a functional design element in my space.

Mid Century Mondern Chairs Blue Pattern Kleenex Box Kleenex Meets Fashion Blue Pattern Kleenex Box


Take some time to visit the Kleenex Design Studio to see all the patterns and colors they have available. Comment below on which ones are your favorites!

Check out my Kleenex Style Board on Pinterest for more inspiration

Kleenex Design Kleenex Design Kleenex Design

This post is sponsored by Kleenex, but my love for their Design Studio is all my own!

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