Origins Product Roundup and Review

I have long been a fan of Orgins makeup, but it wasn’t until recently that I started trying their skin care. Needless to say, I’m hooked! Visiting their newly remodeled skincare boutique in Charlotte, a few months ago, I loved the new layout with a focus on showing customers how and where their products are sourced. Meeting with their skincare advisers was like having a chat with a good friend. It was easy for us to jump right into the nitty gritty of what a full skin care regimen of Origin’s products would consist of for me. Being a beauty blogger, I know my skin type and the concerns I have and finding what I needed was effortless.

Here is what I’ve been using:

Origins Products

The Breakdown

Cleansing: Modern FrictionOne of my skin concerns is brightening and lessening the appearance of dark spots. I love how much brighter and more even this cleanser has made my skin. Don’t let the “dermabrasion” in the name fool you. This cleanser is very gentle and never leaves my skin irritated.

Make Up Remover /Toner: Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Micellar Cleanser While I do love all my Origins products, this one is probably my favorite! I use this double duty wonder before cleansing to remove my makeup and after cleansing as a toner. Plus anything with Dr. Weil’s approval is already a winner in my book.

Eye Cream: Gin Zing Unfortunately for me, the dark circles under my eyes are inherited. However, I have seen major improvements since I started using Gin Zing twice day. With active ingredients such as Coffee Beans and  Panax Ginseng the eye cream also helps to reduce puffiness.

Serum: Original Skin™ Renewal SerumSkin as soft as a baby’s bottom is possible again! I already had smooth skin, but this serum has somehow made it even more soft. It restores your skin in 5 ways by De-stressing, smoothing roughness, deleteing dullness, shrinking pores, and minimizing flaws.

Moisturize: Make A Difference™ Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturizer My skin tends to get very dry. So, I am always flocking towards products that combat dryness with a vengeance. The Make A Difference Plus+ is perfect for me. With enchanting ingredients such as Rose of Jericho, Lychee and Watermelon my skin is so hydrated. Plus, as you can imagine, the ingredients make this moisturizer smell amazing.

Last But Not Least: Ginzing™Brightening Mascara I know I just did a full makeup post, but normally, I just put on a bit of the Ginzing Mascara and head out the door. This mascara makes my short lashes dramatically longer without clumping or the need for falsies


After I am all done using these, my next Origins line to try will be the Dr Weil Mega Bright. Can’t Wait!


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