OGX Coconut Curls

When I wear my hair curly, one of the biggest issues I have is keeping it looking hydrated and fresh. OGX newest addition to their haircare family is the OGX Coconut Curls products. The line features a shampoo, conditioner, frizz defying moisture mousse, styling milk, and  curling hair butter. Coconut by nature is known for its hydrating properties and OGX has taken this natural ingredient and added honey and citrus oil for ultimate nourishment. Plus, as you can imagine, it smells amazing. Here is how I maintain my healthy curls with OGX Coconut curls


Condition First 

A big trend in hair care right now involves reverse washing aka using conditioner first. My hairstylist tried this on me about a year ago and I have never looked back. You start by washing your hair as your normally would. Then apply a generous amount of conditioner to your ends first, then work towards your roots.


A Little Dab of Shampoo 

I have medium length hair and use about a dime size of shampoo. It lathers up really well and doesn’t strip my hair of moisture.


Styling the Curls 

Rinsing the shampoo, I apply about a quarter size of the Frizz Defying Mousse to ends then work back to the roots. I personally love the Curling Hair Butter since my hair is a bit thicker and use the styling milk on my daughter.

Overall using the products kept my curls ultra hydrated until the next wash. With other products I have used, I find myself having to re-apply products to combat dryness.  It was nice to wash, apply product once and let my hair do its natural curly thang!



Photo by I AM JOS Photography


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