Night Out With The Girls: The Outfit

Going out with the girls on a Friday night is usually the highlight of the week – or month, if you’re busy. Even the days leading up to the night out is exciting and full of plans for the perfect outfit. But what makes a perfect outfit? Is it in the height of the heel? How about the label on the handbag? Actually, you’ll find it’s your smile!

Your outfit can be as glitzy and glamorous if you like, but if your Spanx are pinching or your new heels are rubbing your ankles, that grimace you’ll be wearing will really get you down. Ensuring that you wear something that fits your figure sounds like an obvious answer, but you’d be surprised how many girls think squeezing into the latest mini dress actually looks good without scaffolding on the inside. It’s important to plan your outfit so that it works for your whole night. If you’re going dancing, you’ll need to dress the right way, but even if you’re just headed to the local cocktail bar you should be comfortable. So, what should you wear?


Of course, an outfit choice is always based on your preference and your comfort level. If you can walk in six inch skyscrapers while wearing wide legged trousers, go for it. If you prefer something a little more comfortable but beautiful nonetheless, shopping online for the latest Mason Park lounge dress is the way to go. You need to remember that you are dressing up for yourself, not the rest of your group so if you’re feeling beautiful, you’ll be radiant without even trying.

Heading out for a night of fun after work is generally going to dictate your outfit. You can carry on in your workwear but if things move from dinner to a club you’ll be a little formal, so carry with you a gorgeous top and trouser outfit in your bag so you can make a quick change. Don’t forget to bring some cushioned insoles for your feet; there’s nothing worse than dancing on painful toes! If it’s warm outside and you are all heading for a pub garden, a gorgeous strappy top and a denim skirt can really make you feel confident among friends.

Your choice of outfit should not only be a color that suits you (hello, no mud brown please!) but it should be balanced. So, if you have a plunging cleavage neckline, don’t pair that top with a short skirt. Longer skirts or trousers look so much classier with a plunging neckline. A light jacket should usually be enough, or a smart blazer, for a night out.


On a night out with the girls, it’s important to feel great in your chosen outfit so that you can wear your confidence with a smile.


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