Team Spirit

When you think of NFL gear, stylish is typically not the first word that comes to mind. Supporting the home team doesn’t mean you have sacrifice style! Browsing the online NFL shop, I found so many amazing pieces! I especially loved the power play t-shirt from the Alyssa Milano Touch line. What I admire most about the touch line is that Alyssa crated looks that focus on style and supporting your favorite team in more than just the color pink. It was hard to narrow it down my other picks, but I have selected my favorites that are perfect for any day, not just game day.




Shop My Favorites

Natural Shawnee Knit Beanie, $22.99

Nike Panther Blue Upkilter Tri-Blend V-Neck T-Shirt, $33.99

White Powder Puff Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $49.99

Faux Fur Long Scarf with Pockets, $32.99

Klew Black Gradient Leggings, $59.99





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