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I am always on the hunt for great places to find unique items and Uncommon Goods is the perfect shopping site for just that. Uncommon Goods is a platform for artists and designers to share their talents with the world. Many of the artists create handmade gifts right here in the US. Plus, I love the fact that $1 of every sale goes to 1 of 4 non-profit organizations they support.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I have been pondering over what to get my mom. She is one of the hardest people I know to buy a gift for, but I have found several gifts on Uncommon Goods website that I think she would absolutely love.

Gift List for My Mom


Trinity Wooden Cuff, $45

Trinity Wooden Cuff

I got my adoration of jewelry from my mom. She has a wide array of pieces to go with almost anything, but I haven’t seen her wear any wooden jewelry. The shape of the bracelet a classic feature my mom would love, but the size and material is modern and will give her a little edge.



Elevate Kitchen Utensils, $40Elevate Kitchen Utensils

My mom is a great cook. This colorful set of kitchen utensils is practical and will brighten her kitchen when not in use.



Flavor Infuser Water Bottle, $15

Flavor Infuser Water Bottle

I like this so much I may get one for my mom and myself! The combinations of fresh fruit water mom could make are endless!



What I Love About Mom by Me Book, $10

What I Love About Mom by Me Book

This is much better and more heartwarming than any card you could buy.



While browsing around for my mom, I found some other great gift ideas for some of my friends and even for my husband and dad for father’s day. I also liked that I can narrow my search even further by choosing recycled, handmade or made in the US search filters.


Of course I have difficulty shopping for someone else and not finding a few things for me. What can I say? Bloggers love to shop! Here are a few things from the site I adore!


Shopping List for Me

Tipping Teacup, $20

Tipping Teacup As an avid tea drinker, this cup is the perfect solution for steeping fresh tea at work.




Personalized Love Birch Cuff, $100

personalized love birch cuffJewelry artist Nancy Nelson hand casts the brass band from real birch bark that she collected along the southern shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin. Such a beautiful way to express love for your significant other.



Driftwood iPhone Charging Dock, $88

driftwood iPhone charging dockA chic and stylish way to charge my iPhone on my nightstand and add a natural element into my bedroom.




Keepsake Photo Album, $48keepsake photo album

Handmade from recycled paper, this photo album will become a stand out piece on my living room bookshelf.


There are truly some any amazing things to look at on Uncommon Goods.

Take some time to browse the site for a gift for your mom or check out some of their new items for yourself; I am sure you will find something you simply love!

While this post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods, all the products featured are ones I truly love. The opinions stated are my own.

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