How To Make Your New Home Have Vintage Style

Let me paint a picture for you. You’re moving into a brand-new home. Maybe you bought it. Maybe you’re renting it. Either way, you’re starting afresh, and you want to get the best place possible for your money. You move in, and you find that everything looks particularly modern. That’s OK – but you’ve never been one for the modern look. You love the style of the place, but you want to put your own spin on things. This is the article for you.

Yep, as crazy as it sounds, we just want to take that excellent space and turn it into something that resembles the olden days. Here’s how you can do just that.





We’re going to separate apartments and houses, as there are limitations as to what you can do with an apartment. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does change our suggestions ever so slightly.


When you’re looking for apartments for rent, you’ll be given an idea about the decor restrictions you’ll have to face. Unless you’ve got a very friendly relationship with your landlord, they probably won’t want you to go drilling too much. That’s fine – you don’t need to do that to create an old-fashioned look in a modern apartment. To start things off, put your own unique touch on it. Pick up some antiques that you particularly like the look of. Fill the place with vintage signs and artwork from days gone by.


Assuming the place isn’t furnished, you can add your own antique appliances, too. Put a blackboard in the kitchen. Put in an old stove. Find ways to incorporate old bits of equipment that you might be able to fit in the apartment. In terms of decor on display, stain your frames and re-use antique bottles for storage purposes. It doesn’t actually take a whole lot of effort to turn your new apartment into an old-fashioned one.





When there aren’t any limits placed upon you, you can get even more creative with a house. You could install vintage-inspired plumbing, for example. Why not go even further and replace your front door with an old-fashioned one?


One downside of a modern home can be the ultra-clean and modernized wooden floors that come with them. You can only cover them up to a certain degree with old carpets, for example. If you’re willing, you can stain them to create an aged look, no matter how old they might be.


Or, you might find that by stripping away the decorative elements of the home, you create an old-fashioned appearance very easily. You’ll craft a natural feel that is devoid of any modern qualities.


Ultimately, it really isn’t that difficult to create an old-fashioned look. You don’t even need to go to the lengths we’ve mentioned today. All it takes to manufacture a vintage feel is to find the right decorative elements to do so. eBay is a great place to find these sorts of things, as are local antique stores and flea markets.
We wish you luck in creating the style you want for your home!


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