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Nyvia Weathersby | NWjournalist

To kick of the street style feature on MyStyleDaily, I had the opportunity to interview journalist Nyvia Weathersby. She has worked with Vogue Magazine, Refinery 29, Rodarte, and VIBE and has a great sense of personal style.

Me: Tell me about your site and why you started blogging?

Nyvia:  My blog is a continuation of my website , NWjournalist .com . I started my style blog during my internship at Vogue Magazine to keep track of my experiences with the company and fashion do’s/ dont’s. I was also freelancing as a Celebrity Stylist and Journalist. It started off as a great way to showcase my work apart from my journalism website. Eventually I trashed my website and stuck to my blog.

Me: How would you describe your personal style?

Nyvia: My personal style is pretty eclectic and varies. I have a main aesthetic I try to stick to which seems to always involve a vintage or thrift find. I love mixing casuals and funky prints together. I also love colorblocking and combining light and heavy materials together.

Me: Where are your favorite places to shop?

Nyvia: My favorite place to shop are thrift stores. I find amazing pieces at American Way, Out Of The Closet and sometimes Buffalo Exchange. I love shopping at small vintage/ thrift boutiques on Melrose or Downtown Burbank.

Me: What was your most exciting career experience so far?

Nyvia:  Since obtaining my degree from Woodbury University I have had more opportunities to travel with companies I freelance with. I began working with Mega Growth this past year and had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta for our celebrity beauty event. Not too long after that I was asked to freelance for The Bahama Weekly and traveled to Freeport,Grand Bahamas for some events and interviews. That was an amazing experience.

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Nyvia Weathersby | NWjournalist

Nyvia Weathersby | NWjournalist


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  1. I love this! How amazing it must be to be a young woman in touch with herself such as Nyvia! I’m so proud of her!

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