My Favorite Dinner Party Tips

Dinner Party

Throwing a good dinner party is an art form. It isn’t just about the food you serve, although that does play a big part. A dinner party is about everything, including the atmosphere. Use my favorite dinner party tips to help you throw one to remember!


Set the Scene

A dinner party is all about the atmosphere and scene you create. Think of the kind of dinner party you’d like this to be like; would you want everyone to feel quite relaxed? Or do you want them to be ready to get up and dance after the food? You can create a mood using music, candles, lighting, and more.


Take Allergies and Dislikes Into Consideration

Every dinner party has one awkward guest that doesn’t eat something or hates something else. Make sure you double check this before selecting the food to be cooked. Ideally, you’ll be able to cook something that everybody will like, but that isn’t always possible. You may need to cook something separate for somebody with an allergy or dislike.


Practice Your Presentation

Your dinner party guests will be doubly impressed if you practice your presentation and make it look amazing. It isn’t all about the taste; the way the food looks matters too. If you’re not great at this, don’t try to push the boat out too much. Try to do something quite simple. There are plenty of tutorials online you can use if you need help!


Serve Plenty to Drink

Your dinner guests will be thirsty, and probably not for water. They’ll want lots of alcohol! Make sure you have enough for them. I usually find that guests will drink you dry, so be prepared for that. Online wine can be just as nice as shop bought wine, and in some cases, better! Make sure you know the kind of wine to suit your food to give your guests the best experience.


Set Up Some Entertainment

Entertainment isn’t essential. You could all just get drunk and have a laugh. However, entertainment can help things along. You could get a special game or something to keep everybody entertained. Depending on the nature of this dinner party, you could have a singalong, or hire a band. If you’d rather keep things cheap, a simple game will suffice.


Book Taxis for Home Time

One of the worst things about having a dinner party is that your guests will never want to leave. Some of them just won’t get the hint! How do you overcome this? Book taxis for home time. Let everybody know that taxis are already booked so they don’t have to worry about securing a lift. This gives them peace of mind, and you peace of mind knowing that nobody will still be there in the morning!
With these tips, you’ll love the way your dinner party pans out. As long as your food tastes half decent and you have plenty to drink, it should be a great success. Leave a comment with any tips of your own!


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