Mixed Chicks Kids Product Review

Finding the right hair care products for my 20 month old daughter Ella has been a challenge. I don’t want products that make her hair too greasy, but I also want it to look moisturized and healthy. So, I decided to give Mixed Chicks Kids line a try. Before I go any further, I must say, don’t be thrown off by the name thinking that its only for children with parents of different races. The product line is designed for a hair type: naturally curly, frizzes and tangles easily. That’s exactly how my daughter Ella’s hair is.

Here are before and after pictures of Ella’s hair.


Mixed Chicks Kids Product Review Before


Mixed Chicks Kids Product Review After

In the before picture, her hair is frizzy and there is no way a comb or a brush is going through it! So here are the steps and products I used to get the after look.


Mixed Chicks Kids Product Line I began by using the kids shampoo. I have learned that you only need a tiny amount. A little drop can wash a lot of hair and it lathers up very well. Then I cover her hair with the conditioner and let it sit for about 5 minutes. After drying, I use the leave in conditioner mixed with the kids tangle tamer. These two products are perfect for keeping Ella’s hair maintained in between washes. It gives the right amount of healthy moisture, not greasy at all! The tangle tamer helps me easily comb through her hair and is a great product to help with styling. Over all the product line gets an A+ from me!

Mixed Chicks products can be purchased though their website or at most Target stores.

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Ella’s cupcake tee and yellow skinny jeans are from Baby Gap.

Photography by IAmJOS.com


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    • Thank you so much nchanel! I am biased in thinking she is a cutie pie, so it’s nice to have someone else compliment little Ella! πŸ™‚

  1. I am also a big fan of the Mixed Chicks kids line. My daughter has naturally curly hair and I was having a hard time finding products that worked for her hair type. Products were either too heavy and greasy or not heavy enough. She will turn 3 in August and I have been using this line since she was 6 months old. I love it! I recommend it to all of my friends…whether they have “mixed” children or not! I can’t tell you enough how wonderful these products are! Thank you, Mixed Chicks!

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