Turn Your Love For Makeup Into A Career

If you spend your free time experimenting with eye shadow, lipstick, and other cosmetics, you can turn your passion for makeup into a full-time career. Many companies hire professionals who have experience with makeup and cosmetics, which means you can spend time with your favorite hobby and get paid for it. If you’re seeking an excellent job opportunity, check out the following four companies that actively hire makeup enthusiasts.

Become a Makeup Consultant at Sephora


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At Sephora, a retail beauty chain, makeup consultants help customers choose the best products for their budgets, styles, and skin tones. If you’re good at your job, you might find yourself in line for a promotion, but until then, you can help Sephora’s customers look their best.

According to Glassdoor, makeup consultants at Sephora earn around $13 per hour. This career creates the ideal entry-level job opportunity for professionals who lack experience in the industry. You don’t need any special training to take this job — the company provides in-house training.

For this position, you’ll need excellent customer service skills. You’ll work with customers daily, so you’ll have to actively listen to their needs and make appropriate recommendations. Sales skills won’t hurt for this position, either. If Sephora notices that you consistently upsell products, you might get a bonus for your efforts.

Find Your Dream Job Being a Beauty Advisor at Ulta

Ulta, one of Sephora’s primary competitors, hires beauty advisors to fulfill similar duties. Beauty advisors meet with customers to discuss their makeup and cosmetic needs and to help them better understand the products that the store carries. Your supervisor might ask you to promote specific products based on sales or seasonal promotions.

Beauty advisors sometimes give makeovers at the store as well. That way, customers can see how they look after they apply the products so they know what items they should take home with them. If you’re good at your job and you want a higher salary, you can advance within the company to become a sales manager or store manager.

Become Your Own Boss at Amway

If you’re looking for more freedom with earning potential, scheduling, and makeup application, consider becoming a direct seller for Amway. You won’t have a supervisor who peers over your shoulder as you sell Amway beauty products, so you can take control of your own professional future. Amway distributors create their own methods for bringing products to consumers.

As an Amway direct seller, you’ll develop your own network of customers. You can organize parties, attend events, or take part in other activities that allow you to meet people and show off Amway’s line of beauty products. You’ll need excellent marketing skills and the ability to manage your time wisely, but an excellent career opportunity can await you. In addition to earning commission on products you sell, you can also get tuition assistance, product discounts, and other key perks.

Amway has existed since 1959, and this well-known brand can help you succeed in your career ambitions more quickly. Since consumers already know and trust Amway products, you’ll be able to speak to the excellent value of the products.

Land a Gig As a Makeup Artist for M·A·C 

As one of the most popular makeup brands in the world, M·A·C (Make-Up Art Cosmetics) offers excellent employment opportunities. While you can find corporate and laboratory gigs, you might want to work as an in-store makeup artist instead. You’ll get to work with people and makeup every workday.

M·A·C offers makeup artist and field leadership positions in the department stores where it sells its products. You’ll spend your days giving makeovers, offering advice, and showing consumers new products that M·A·C has developed. You’ll also get discounts on M·A·C products, which can help you save money on your personal makeup experimentation. The job also comes with benefits such as health insurance, retirement accounts, and paid vacation.

Jobs don’t have to prove boring or dull. If you find a job that allows you to pursue your passion, you’ll feel excited when you get up every morning for work.


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