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For many of us, bathrooms tend to get overlooked in terms of style. It’s so easy to forget that just like our wardrobes, bathrooms can be fun and fashionable too. Don’t settle for a drab and dreary bathroom, make the most of the room you have and create a fun, fashionable and unique bathroom space. Giving your bathroom a fashionable makeover isn’t too tricky and doesn’t have to cost you too much – all you need to do is get creative.

For an expert guide to transforming your bathroom into a fashionable space, read these tips below.


1. Opt for a freestyle look

Some interior designers have started to move away from the ‘fitted look’ that most bathrooms have and have started implementing a freestyle look instead. To create a freestyle bathroom look, opt for freestanding pieces of furniture, like a claw-footed bath, for example. Things like opting for a free standing sink, are popular bathroom style choices.

2. Add an artistic twist

Instead of settling for regular furniture, look for pieces with an artistic twist to them. No longer is a bath just a bath or a sink just a sink; they are now pieces of unique art. Choose features for your bathroom that are as beautiful as they are functional. Try to look out for pieces that are unusual and have an original artistic look to them, such as a bath tub with a unique pattern applied to it.

 3. Include international style in your bathroom design

Incorporating international style into our homes has become a popular design choice – it is an excellent way of creating a fun and unique look.  One of the most popular international styles for bathrooms is Asian fusion. Adding a deep bathtub, a waterfall incorporated into the shower and wall-mounted storage will give your bathroom a relaxing feel.

4. Go green

Eco-friendly bathrooms are in right now, and they have an excellent style to them.  Things like using flooring made from reclaimed wood and tiles are great ways to give your bathroom an eco-friendly look.

5. Make your bathroom a retreat

Our bathrooms are no longer just for brushing our teeth and having a bath; they are now used for so much more. There are showers that offer aromatherapy, bathtubs that offer massages and lighting options that offer color therapy. Bathrooms have started to become retreats.  If expensive technology, like aromatherapy showers, is slightly out of reach, don’t panic. There are plenty of other ways you can transform your bathroom into a retreat. Invest in aromatherapy candles,  soft spa towels from Richard Haworth Ltd and a bathroom music player.

6. Go for an organic style

Neat lines and right angles are out, and organic, curvy shapes are in. From oval bathtubs and round bathroom sinks, to curved toilets and storage options, organic shapes are the in thing.  To create a fashionable bathroom space, make sure to avoid all square shapes, and opt for organic pieces instead.

 There are plenty of easy ways you can transform your bathroom into a fun and fashionable space.

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