How To Make Your Dinner More Healthy!

We often are rushing around so much that we don’t give much thought about how many calories are in our dinner. But you should be thinking about how healthy your dinner is because six in 10 people are overweight or obese. Here some ways you can make your meal more healthy.


Measure the food amounts

One of the main issues with people’s dinner is there is way too much on the plate. It is because people are not measuring how much food they are putting in the saucepan or the oven. To ensure you are not putting in too much, you should follow the instructions in the recipe. They will have guidelines on how many it serves. If you have enough to cover four people but it’s just you eating, you are bound to put on weight. You should get hold of a set of measuring scales so you can ensure you are not cooking too much.



Add some extras

If you want to make your dinner more healthy, you should add some extras to your dish. Why not add some olive oil which has antioxidants which can help protect you against certain cancers. You can add some seeds such as flax seeds which can help to lower cholesterol. To ensure you’re getting all your nutrients, you can also add Piperine which is a black pepper extract that can contribute to utilize the food you are eating.




Put leftovers away

Another way to make your meal more healthy is to put leftovers away rather than consuming them. It can be easy to feel like you’re still hungry and then head to the kitchen and get some more dinner. But it’s a much better idea to put the rest away and use it for lunch the next day. Otherwise, you will be consuming way too many calories. Have some fruit if you are still hungry.


Use different ingredients

To make your dinner more healthy, why not use different ingredients in your favorite meal. For example, lasagne is delicious, but beef mince is not that good for you. So instead, why not use Quorn instead. If you are planning to make a burger, you could use chicken or turkey meat instead of beef. And when you are making pizza, you should swap cheddar cheese and pepperoni, for feta and butternut squash. Try experimenting with healthier ingredients.


Combine different food groups

When making your dinner in the evening, you need to sure you are using all the different food groups. Get your plate out and imagine it was split into parts. Then you can work out how much protein, dairy carbohydrates, vegetables, and fats should be on your plate. By combining all the different food groups, you can ensure you are eating a well-balanced diet.


Vary your dinners

If you stick to the same dishes every time, it can be boring, and you might end up having the same dinner over and over again. Change your meal schedule and bring in some new dishes. You can still keep your favorite ones, but trying different healthy meals will help you lose some weight.


Spend more time thinking about what you are making and how unhealthy it is.


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