Luxurious Living Room Ideas For 2015

Having a luxury style living room is a must. After all, it pays to be a little opulent now and then. But, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a killer designer look in your home. Think about your current living room. Does it leave a lot to be desired? Could you get more bang for your buck?

For many, the living room is the most obvious place to start decorating. After all, it’s the room is most used. As such, it needs to be nothing short of perfect. But, if you want to have a room that is perfect for your decadent tastes, there are some fantastic ways that you can transform your living room into a luxury space.


Simplify Your Style

Think about the gorgeous homes that are shown on TV. They are not stuffed with decorations, ornaments and accessories. On the contrary, they are simple, chic and contemporary. They are not over cluttered and they don’t have lots ornaments and vases all around. When it comes to having a luxurious living space, it’s all about stripping back to basics. Think monochrome boxy tones with chic silver light fittings. Or, if you like something with a little more vintage charm, opt for dark and delicious ivory tones with gold Elk chandeliers. Make sure that your home is simple, charming and de-cluttered. This will leave your living room looking dazzling. What’s more, it will look more expensive too.



Hide the Television!

Let’s face it, sophisticated spaces don’t have great big television sets in them. So, now is the time to hide your television. Yes, really. Keeping your television in a pretty cupboard or framing it so that it fits on your wall like a piece of art is an oh-so-chic way of making your living room like amazing. By mounting your television in a decadent gold frame, it will blend into the wall thus taking the attention of it as a focal point.


Don’t Fear Sculptures

Living rooms, sadly, become a sea of boxy like design and circular furniture. It’s become something of a style nightmare. It’s time to get creative. How about using sculptures to enrapture that all important luxury looks? Wooden, abstract coffee tables and large, imposing pieces of metal artwork can truly bring your living room to life. You don’t have to stick to the same old boring design. It’s time to unleash the world of sculptures into your home for a sassier look all round. Our favorite tones are wooden and wrought iron. These have an urbane look but are still chic.



A Little Slice of History

Space, in any sense of the word, needs to be used to its full capacity. As such, it is a must that that you use the space that you have by incorporating a mix of modern and historic pieces into your living room. Adding a vintage mirror in a contemporary living room can give it a chic edge. Adding the odd antique to modern room can look stunning. It gives it a look of charm that is much sought after in the world of interior design.


With these 4 easy ideas, you can achieve a luxurious living room. Remember, you don’t have to decorate the whole space, but adding key pieces can transform your home into a pad of luxury.


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