Losing Weight After Pregnancy #PostNatalFatBurner

As most of you know, I am the proud mom of an outgoing 3 year old girl. Almost 4 years have passed since she was born and the post pregnancy weight is still hanging around (insert sad face). Here is my story. I got pregnant in late 2010 and up until I was 6 months pregnant I was right on track with healthy pregnancy weight gain. But in June 2010, 2 months before she was born, my healthy eating habits went downhill. It all started with my first baby shower. I ate anything I wanted and as much of it. Two weeks later, I had another baby shower and of course did all the eating I possibly could. I chocked it up to “feeding the baby” and “I’m pregnant in the dead heat of summer! I can do what I want” After the baby showers, all healthy eating habits were out the door. I indulged in whatever sounded good to me at the time. When I had my next doctor’s appointment after the baby showers, I had gained 25 pounds in one month!!! Insane! My very honest doctor said to me, “Alea, you are going to regret gaining this much during pregnancy due to eating. Slow down and take some pre-natal yoga classes.” I left the doctor’s office slightly offended, but deep down, I knew he was right. So, I got back on track. I only gained 5 more pounds for the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy. In total, I gained 55 pounds. I had my daughter in late August of 2011 and shortly after her birth I lost 27 of the 55 pounds. Of course all of that was pregnancy related weight loss. I was left with 28 pounds of weight to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy status. Maintaining healthy eating habits after she was born and breastfeeding helped reduce another 10 pounds. Fast forward to now. I still have 18 pounds to loose. I will admit that I may not have been as vigorous as I could/should, but on the other hand, pregnancy weight gain can be hard to loose. There were times during my journey to lose the weight that I would get down about 5 or 6 pounds then hit a weight loss wall and with the slightest intake of extra calories, the weight would return quickly like it never left. I felt like I just needed something to get me over the “hump.” My friends over at Fit Tea have introduced a new product I am really excited about. The FitTea PostNatal Fatburner is a great option to assist in getting rid of stubborn baby fat. With 100% natural ingredients such as Vitamin B6, Biotin and Green Tea extract it’s safe for safe for use in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. While the supplement alone wont get rid off all the extra weight, it will help boot your efforts and could be the key to getting over that weight loss wall!

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As always, be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any new supplement.

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