Liven Up Your Home this Spring

The balmy days of spring are upon us, and that means we will (hopefully) have a few months of fine weather awaiting us. To really enjoy all that is great about spring, we should be taking a look at our homes and getting them into a shape that mirrors the season. Here are a few of our essential tips that’ll make your home the perfect spring house.


Get Rid of the Clutter


In winter it’s kind of nice to be surrounded by things, especially blankets and cushions, books, fun games, and the like. These are needed to help us get through the dark and chilly days; they’re not needed during spring and summer. Take the time to have a walk through your house and pack away everything that is more in line with winter than the upcoming seasons. Adopt a minimalist approach to your home and it’ll fit right in with the light and airy atmosphere of the seasons.


Change the Color Scheme


Winter is about dark colors that allow you fully sink into the deep joys of the season. Spring is about keeping things light and bright and positively not heavy. Change your cushion covers from dark to bright colors and you’ll feel the difference when you’re sitting in your home. You should also look at changing your heavy bedding to something lightweight and colorful. After all, the days are going to get pretty warm soon enough. Finally, if any of your rooms need a brushing up of paint, go for yellow or creams and then change it out again come fall.


Blending the Outside with In


During the frigid months, we hole up in our homes as a way to protect ourselves from the outdoors. In spring and summer, we should try to bring the pleasant outside atmosphere into our home as much as possible. If you have an open plan kitchen, look at installing folding windows and you’ll be able to let in the light spring breeze as you’re preparing your meals. Additionally, with all the blooming flowers you should look at buying a few plants and putting them around your home. Live in one with nature during spring and you’ll have a home you love to spend time in.


Brightening Up The Front


It’s a joy to be outside when the sun is shining and there’s a cool breeze that lets you know all is well with the world. Spend some in the front of your home making sure it looks great this spring and you’ll be giving yourself a gift that you’ll enjoy every time you come home. It’s as simple as planting a few flowers and making sure the grass can overcome its harsh winter, yet the results will be fantastic.


Get the Smell Just Right


Everyone knows the best thing about spring is the smell. You too can have this life affirming scent in your home with just a few additions. Try to keep the windows open as much as possible or look at adding a few oil diffusers to your home. Smells great!



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