Lame To Luxurious: Must-Have Furnishings For Your Fashionable Home

When considering your home, lame is the last word you want to be thinking about. Luxurious, however, is far more preferable! With this in mind, here are six additions you can add to your home to make it far more fashionable and far more luxurious! Read on for more…


A stand-out hallway rug

Architects, renovators and interior designers alike will all tell the you the same thing. That is, how important a house entrance with the WOW-factor is! One such way you can create this effect in the entrance to your home is with a stand-out hallway rug. Once your guests slip off their shoes, this will be the first surface they step onto. So it only makes sense that you want it to be soft, luxurious and comforting. Hallways tend to be quite plain, so jazz yours up with a bold and bright print. It makes a fun change from the most stand-out thing in the room being the walls or furnishings.


A statement coat stand

Another great idea for your hallway. How about a statement coat stand or rack? You can also use it by your home’s back or side door, if not the front door. They look fantastic and also double-up as something really useful. You can hang more than just coats on it. How about umbrellas, hats, bags and scarves also! You can make a great impression on guests, and you will have somewhere to put their items once they hand them over.


A glamorous over-bed chandelier

If there is one household item that probably springs to mind instantly when you think of luxury, it’s a chandelier. Such a gorgeous bedroom addition will also help you start your day with a smile! Go for a sparkly or crystal one so that it captures the light of your lightbulb. This way it will reflect all over your walls and ceiling and make a real statement!


A chaise lounge

Sure, chaise lounges aren’t quite as comfortable as a cosy sofa, but they look fantastic! They also look very glamorous and luxurious. They are statement pieces, meaning they truly add to the look and vibe of a room. Plus they make fantastic extra seating for when you have guests over. This piece of retro furniture will make a great addition to any home.



A piano

Whether it’s a second hand one from a charity shop, a baby grand or a full grand piano, a piano makes any room feel more luxurious! Can you play? If yes- great! If not, maybe you could teach yourself, or start having lessons. Even if you don’t have any desire to learn, they still look incredible and work as a fantastic centerpiece or addition. You could hire a professional pianist to entertain you and your friends at your next dinner party! Who wouldn’t be impressed by that?


A piece of art

Whatever kind of art you are into, any style adds a touch of luxury to a home. Whether you love old fashioned portraits, impressionism or something really modern, hang that art up! It shouldn’t be about what is ‘cool’, or ‘expensive’; it should be about something that you love!



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