Keep Your Feet In Tip, Top Shape With These Tips

I know so many people who are crazy about looking after their bodies, but when it comes to their feet, don’t take proper care of them. Our feet bare the brunt of our weight all day long, and yet, so few of us take care of them in the way they deserve. When there are so many other visible areas of the body that need taking care of, often our feet can slip to the back of our minds. It’s easy to take your tootsies for granted, but if you want healthy, happy feet, you need to make time to take care of them.To help you get into good foot care habits, I have put together a guide to how you can keep your feet looking and feeling good.


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Cleanse your feet every day

I know, it sounds obvious, but making sure you thoroughly clean your feet is key! Using a mild soap, gently wash all over each foot, including the sole, top and in between your toes. Giving your feet a wash each day will not only prevent odor, but it will also keep that nasty foot fungus at bay. (Nobody wants athletes food, do they?) Make sure that once you have washed your feet that you dry them thoroughly with a fresh towel.



Your feet need the same care as your face. So just like you would exfoliate your face, you feet also need exfoliating. Instead of using an exfoliating scrub like you would on your face, invest in a pumice, and use that to remove any dry, dead skin. If after using your pumice, you feel your feet need some nourishment, make a DIY sugar and honey scrub. This will not only soothe your feet, but it will also help to remove any dead skin your pumice missed.



Just like the skin on your face needs regular moisturization, so does the skin on your feet. Once you have washed and exfoliated, the next step is to moisturize. Because the skin on the soles of the feet is often thick, a normal moisturizer won’t do the trick.

What you need is a specialist foot cream – you can buy these from most beauty stores in all sorts of lovely scents. (Peppermint and lemon are two of the best scents, so if you’re stuck, opt for one of these.)


Pamper those footsies

As well as putting a daily care routine in place for your feet, for healthy muscles and tendons, you need to pamper them. Taking care of your feet isn’t just about the outside, it’s also important that the inside of each foot is taken care of. Sometimes, the muscles and tendons inside our feet become tense and painful from walking on them. To soothe the muscles and reduce the pain, a foot massage is a good idea. Foot massage can aid myofascial release according to, so is perfect for soothing feet.

Paying to have your feet pampered by a professional every once in a while is great, as it’ll leave them feeling and looking good. As well as getting a massage, now and then, pamper yourself with a pedicure. There’s nothing nice than freshly painted toenails, right girls?


To keep your feet looking and feeling good, taking proper care of them is important. Show your feet the same love as your face, and you can ensure that they look and feel fantastic.



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