Julian Hakes 3D Printed Mojito Shoe

Fashion is steadily embracing advanced technology in designs and one of the most interested aspects in 3D printing. Shoe designer Julian Hakes was inspired to create a new type of shoe structure after observing how footprints appear in the sand. From that inspiration came the Mojito Shoe; A spiral creation that is not just a work of art, but a comfortable. Julian’s background as an architect was influential in his process to design a shoe that was beautiful to look at and practical.

Julian Hakes 3D Printed Mojito Shoe-2

Julian explains the story behind the Mojito Shoe


This incredible design is printed using the Ultimaker2 3D printer. The time lapse video below condenses the 15 hour start-to-finish process down to a short 2 minute clip.


I was pleasantly surprised that the shoe was just $299. While that maybe on the higher side for some of us, it is certainly worth it for conversation piece.


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