Meet Your New Favorite Hair Brush

The number one haircare tool every woman uses is by far the hairbrush. If you are anything like me, you have one hairbrush that is your favorite; you know the one that if you ever lost it your heart would just sink. A few years ago I had that aweful experience of loosing my favorite hairbrush and hadn’t been able to find a new one that was “just right.” That is until I started using John Frieda’s Sleek Finish Hair Brush. This battery powered wonder reduces frizz and makes my hair noticeable smoother especially when I use it while drying my hair. I will have to admit, it took a bit of getting used to truing my hairbrush on and off, but the adjustment has been well worth it. Because my hair is naturally curly, blow drying it straight is a recipe for frizz, but using my Sleek Finish Hair Brush along with a few drops of smoothing serum keeps my hair looking shiny and healthy.

John Frieda’s Sleek Finish Hair Brush


So why is the Sleek Finish Hair Brush battery powered? When you push the power button to “on” the ionic generator inside the brush-head starts working by neutralizing positive ions that promote frizz and make hair appear dull and lifeless. The unique ionic generator also works with the brush’s metal bristles to also minimize static.

The Sleek Finish Hair Brush is available at Walgreens


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